DAYSY’s debut single is MAMA TOLD ME (Time Records/Believe Digital)

Like Yin and Yang, Daisy and Léo are two opposites that attract each other, compensate each other and cannot live without each other. Destined to meet, they are inseparable, interdependent and harmoniously unite in DAYSY, the musical duo who formed and whose name deliberately contains both Y’s of ancient Chinese philosophy. In each half there is a small amount of the opposite and this is exactly what the DAYSY want to represent with their overwhelming sound in which you immediately perceive this complementarity and this perfect tuning. Guitar and vocals are enough to disorient the listener, bringing him into an irresistible and powerful groove that is loudly manifested in their debut single, Mama Told Me.

This is a solid foundation for a chitin acoustic deco and red, Mama Told Me, the most beautiful thing to come is that a little bit entrenched, that’s all the time, if it’s all right to brush up the possibilities and unmask in the body, Unique and suited to Daisy. An extremely incalculable ritual that has been seduced by the first note and that it can not be restored. Mama Told Me is a portrait of the old hip-hop school, but it has not been possible to come up with tale and, in truth, it was not possible to get a picture of a pop star, funky, blues and soul. It is a vibrant, pretentious way to explore the world of her astrology. “She took my hand when I was lost or when I was a fool, she held me, mama helped me and now i want to share all this love” recites a verse that tells me in a vera and the autobiographical significance of the amorousness of all the people, that the probability of the imperative will make all the property. DAYSY is the new French bijoux, which is the name of the current time of the Stromae and that is destined to be the ascoltator of the Yin and Yang proportions, accredited and assertive in all life. A totlating dualism. Due to the fact that the public and the public are not caregivers, divide each other integrally.

DAYSY is the name of French duo Daisy and Léo.
Both born in 1991, natives of Caen, in Normandy, they are destined to meet. “There are only a few people here, not a couple.” One of the most intelligent musicians and a great entertainment, “says Daisy, singer, musician and author. If this is the best band that tells Léo needed a singer and Daisy shows up, in the Acustico Time After Time, Cyndi Lauper. The incident portrays all the niches of Patchamama, a group of musicians who have been riding in France and Europe. According to the collection of more than 500 concerts, the band has separated Daisy and Léo decides to continue to work as a member of the DAYSY. Particularing the name of Daisy, in a very solitary and feminine environment, the center is centered on the riches of Yin and Yang, which are important for this purpose. Coming to scan the cannons, arriving all the real-time version of Better Days Are Coming (Play Two / Baronesa), and then returning to Italy in the debut album, Mama Told Me.



Mama told me, mama told me, never forget where you’re from
And don’t worry, don’t worry, my daughter you’re strong
You’re gonna realize your dream, I’ll be here for you wherever you need and so
Mama hold me, mama hold me and now I’ll give you back all this love

Mama told me, mama told me, never forget what you’ve done
Just let your fear, let your fear run wild and have fun
You gotta realize your dreams I’ll be loving you whatever you do my little
So mama hold me, mama hold me and now I’ll give back all this love

Thanks to you I know it’s inside
Thanks to you I’m strong

Mama is my remedy, she’s my queen
She’ll never know enough that she’s my pillar
My comfort, my support, my friend, my strength
No I can’t find a word stronger than “thanks»
She’s the only one I’m telling everything to
She took my hand when I was lost or when I’ve been a fool
Cuz Mama held me, mama helped me and now I wanna share all this love

Thanks to you I know it’s inside
Thanks to you I’m here to give back
Thanks to you I want to work on it right
Thanks to you I’m strong

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