DOPPELGÄNGER. Those who walk by your side.

Doppelgänger_foto-Valeria-Tomasulo (6)with Chiara Condrò, Katiuscia Magliarisi, Francesco Polizzi
film consultant Leopoldo Santovincenzo
enigmistica Ilaria Chicks
video Gaetano Polizzi
stagecraft and lighting Giacomo Cursi
ideation stage Christian Angels
directed Group Number9
production Nutrimenti Terrestrial
in collaboration with Rialto Santambrogio
press office Sabrina Ramacci
photo Andrea Littera
graphic Francesco Croce

On stage in Rome at the Teatro Cometa Off Testaccio April 21 to 26, Doppelgänger is literally twice wanderer, a duplicate spectral or real walking with us. It is a double and a twin, that other self indistinguishable and a mirror can not reflect.
Who said that you always hate to inspiring a murder? Love hurts most. Because it can be stronger and more obstinate hatred himself, his beloved brother inseparable.
This show has in it the timeless charm of the old cinema 50s, the text is in fact a “pastiche” of American film noir of those years, the result of a collective writing led by Christian Mario Angels who also signed the design stage. His idea to implement in staging live those effects of intercut typical cinematic.
In the role of internal narrator, Francesco Polizzi is the psychologist romantic struggling with a murder already committed. The culprit has two faces but the same smile. The same is the lipstick, hair and dress. Change only the letters one R and T, tied at the neck like a childish threat of identity and separation. Rebecca and Teresa, respectively Katiuscia Magliarisi and Chiara Condrò, so beautiful that when you see them almost do not believe it, jump off the screen of an old Hollywood projected to opposite sides of the stage. They are the twin sisters, the two faces of the same crime, two parallel roads on the broken thread of a single passion.
With his tormenting disambiguation of the real, Doppelgänger causes and leaves a sense of bewilderment and wanted an application that has already played all his answers.
And ‘irrefutable proof that reality is rebuttable; that the truth is never so real to be believed, and that life is just a show that must continue. It ‘also and especially the constant suspicion was wrong sister, did not understand even after an hour of which we were in love. Maybe because it was not possible to separate the victim from the beginning dall’assassina, that good from the bad. And because in the end what is the difference between twins?


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