Valerio Giacone: poetic expressionism in his exhibition Lucus


Valerio Giacone interview just before his upcoming solo exhibition Roman Lucus. di Sveva Manfredi Zavaglia

Let’s dive in poetic and chromatic world of the artist Valerio Giacone where you imagine a natural perfume. There is to admire the expression of his works so intimate , experienced , very personal . An abstract expressionism where his paintings are the representation of a dreamy and sensitive vision that abstracts the outer reality . A romantic aesthetic with flashes of light , mixed media on wood, iron recovered paper and canvas , broad strokes , full-bodied and crisp , …

Let’s talk about … Valerio.

Valerio-Giacone_1– Valerio, tell us about your artistic path … how and when did this desire?

The need to express myself through drawing as a child is born and evolves with time. This art push turns and feeds on years of life up to lead the pictorial and sculptural language. Sculpting Rather I am referring to the revision of the waste matter, both industrial waste that nature.

– How do you express your love for nature?

I express it in every action, I thought and feeling.
Action manifest my love of nature trying to respect myself and others, the planet we live, mineral, vegetable, animal, human it is. Respect acted passes for critical thinking against the current capitalist and consumerist society, scarcely respectful, first and foremost, of the Human Being. ecologist being means first of all care of the next; then, take to heart the air we breathe, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the houses we live in, the land on which we move, and much more. Action and thought are definitely motivated by a feeling of devotion to me and the other by me, by the sacred idea that I try to hold firmly to my side. Reviewing myself in every being represents a great nurturing and stimulation for a patient spiritual growth.

– Are you feeling a little close ‘to the existentialist philosophy?

I not deeply know the vast current existentialist and it is difficult to dedicate a few lines to such a broad question. I can only tell you, simplistically, that I feel close to this philosophical current in its initial assumptions (Kierkegaard, Heidegger). Certainly I do not agree with the nihilistic shades which then assumes Sartre and others.

– Let’s talk about your technique and the use of beeswax?

Not having followed a classic path from art school and academy, I consider myself a neophyte in so many ways. I like to model the technical constantly renewing and making it functional to the work of the moment. The insecurity is a deliberate choice and is the basis of my artistic process because I believe that insecurity and continuous transformation are Life. Why do not mind the work durability; I am quite interested to eternity action, ephemeral. The use of beeswax is congenial to all this. Wax is an organic element that feels and turns depending on the climate, the light and the agents with which it comes into contact. In addition, the wax is a concentrate of strong love. Just think of that comes from the pollen transformation, fruit reproductive organ of a plant. This is why I always thank the wonderful bees friends, trusted collaborators in my work.

– Matter and light in your work … a subtle balance in a continuous search?

I think one of the roles of each Male Artist is to bring light into the darkness. Today, as ever, in an era dominated by a strong momentum materialistic, this role becomes a must. Spiritualize matter.

-Your Rises painting I mirror social tool?

If a rose blooms you can be sure that those around will follow that hymn to beauty. Gandhi said: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” So we works for art and beauty in general. Accustoming people to the beauty I am convinced that you are operating large slow revolutions.

-Painting, Drawings or art books … do you love most realize and why?

I love every artistic expression that my spirit, at all times, elects.

-Talking about your next exhibition Lucus?

Lucus comes from the Latin and signifies the sacred grove. The exhibition is a summary of research on this topic. I would not say more. I am glad that people from being lead by a feeling of wonder in the fruition of the works on display. Then we will even words. Then.

-Your Thoughts and innermost feelings?

I could tell them to you if they were not such.

-What Do you want to convey to the audience?

Nothing. Instead I want the audience to give me back what I lived knowing my work. Maybe it’s the look I love most in my idea of making art. The relationship.

-Your Future plans?

The upcoming projects are two. A solo exhibition entitled “Solve et coagula” which will take place in the cloister of San Domenico, the Museum of Fabriano paper, starting May 27; an artist residency at the festival “Nottenera 2016”, this year’s theme with trees, which will be held in August in Serra De ‘Conti, increasingly in the Marches. And then continue to follow my green masters.

-To Finish, I always wonder to the artists I meet … Valerio creates a question that no one has ever asked you (and so you wanted to hear you ask) and ask…

So many questions and very few answers … thank you!

Let us then carried away by works such as paintings, drawings and artist’s books on display in Rome where Valerio Giacone lives and works. In his paintings he can see the metaphor of modern life and a great soul searching. The exhibition is like a journey into a sacred world of thoughts and feelings.

Exhibition of contemporary art of the painter Valerio Giacone entitled LUCUS in Rome on display from May 7 to July 10, 2016.

Works in painting and mixed media, drawings and artists’ books at the art gallery FABER

The exhibition LUCUS is the heart of a series of exhibitions dedicated to the theme ” Life – Man – Nature ” that includes events : We are trees , ex centrale elettrica di Gemmo, Lugano – Solve et coagula , Museo della carta, Fabriano.

Valerio Giacone (Roma  1976)

he works in Italy (Arena gallery, Reggio Calabria, Faber Gallery, Rome) and also abroad (Kunstmassnahmen, Heidelberg). He has collaborated for five years with the gallery Faber, where he became well-known to the public with the series “scrapped”, the exhibition “Equilibrium” and  “Origins of the fire” (catalog INSIDEART, Guido Talarico Publisher). In 2013 in Rome presents the solo exhibition entitled “Verso casa” and in 2015 he exhibited the series “De costruzione” in collaboration with the sculptor Jacopo Mandich.

FABER Art Gallery 
Via dei Banchi Vecchi 31 , Roma
Tel: (+39) 06 68808624
Tuesday-Saturday 10 : 00-19 : 30
Sunday by appointment.


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