The Soul and the Sun of Sicily in Rossella works Pezzino de Geronimo

Rossella-Pezzino_De-Geronimo,-ritratto-1,-LGTLet’s dive in the colorful Sicilian country where the artist Rossella Pezzino de Geronimo works and studies in a constant inner search . Works by creating photographs, holograms , installations integrated into nature . A pictorial Nature photo decontextualized representing earth, rock , air, water (sea , ocean, river , lake or puddle) is a path through the love of the Earth that explores starting from problems related to reality , but extolling its beauty .

The digital shots absorb the nuances , the heat , the printed colorful landscapes and material of art giclee paper -end . A special feature : each photographic work is a unique piece of which there are not multiple . Soon will come a Antologica in a museum in Rome is already working on it …

Rossella-Pezzino_DG_opera-1-stampa-su-carta-Giclee-100x150-(2015)We meet in Rome Rossella and ask her to tell us …

  1. How to start your passion for Art

I was in boarding school in Florence, at the Imperial Poggio, and my professor of art history every weekend took us to see the real works that studied the books. In addition to being competent and passionate he gave me a great love for art and I am really grateful.

I then went on alone, visiting the most important museums in the world and in the 70’s when I was a photographer in Milan there was one night when I did not go to Brera, at that time the contemporary art galleries were very active and passed from one vernissage and so, by combining the knowledge of classical art, modern and contemporary art that I gained my specific personal taste and emotional towards the artwork.

  1. In continuous study …

I believe in evolution, so even my gaze towards art is constantly changing. Life is like a train ride, sitting in the compartment that someone booked us and we had the luck or the misfortune to choose or change during construction. The landscape around us is constantly changing, people around us go up and down the compartment, we love them and we separate ourselves with regret or with pleasure until it touches us off the train. The end, however, there is rich in experience and knowledge to the last only if we tried to push our limits always further.Rossella-Pezzino_DG-opera-2-stampa-su-carta-Giclee-100x150-(2015)

  1. In your work, you are shooting or installations there is a huge research, also in the use of technology … reveal to us how you work, some of your secret?

I like to work in excellence, they are strong-willed, determined and courageous and I believe that life is a project.

They are very demanding towards myself and then also towards others.

I consider life, for better or for worse, the only chance that is given to us, I want to get there, however, the death viva..e are convinced that we can learn something new until the last breath … is also to die learn …

  1. The nature as the foundation for the soul?

nature is like art: nourishment and therapy against pain and depression. Nature is sincere and enveloping, and it never disappoints. I am passionate about gardens and I created a garden of the soul that I opened to the public because I find that beauty should be shared.

Visit the rooms in bloom is like getting on a magic carpet and go through life from the darkness to the continuous search for the light, to die and be reborn into a new and free from evil world.Rossella-Pezzino_DG-opera-3-stampa-su-carta-Giclee-100x150-(2015)

  1. How much Sicilia is in you?

Roots, family, friends, the food, the sea, Mount Etna.

  1. “The trip” for yourself what is important? and why?

The trip is the only thing that really makes it grow … because we are forced to meet the other, the different, its customs and traditions questioning our small certainties.

  1. Who, including public figures, past or present, would you have a coffee

Giulio Romano for his eclecticism in art: he was a painter, draftsman, architect, decorator, writer, director, organizer of festivals.

Scipione Borghese for its incomparable taste:

Villa Borghese in Rome is for me the most beautiful museum in the world because it perceives a common thread in the selection of works that give the structure a great harmony and a great pleasure for the visitor.

Steve Jobs for his contemporary and inexhaustible genius.

  1. What do you look for your work in person?

Excite others.

  1. How does a “linear Alchemy”? where does this project called almost onomatopoeic, and where it goes?

A project related to nature: I focused on the matter decontextualizing the landscape, isolating details, shattering the image in search of beauty, simplicity, purity, essence.

Lines, diagonals and curves were important to me invisible traces.

  1. What do you want to transmit or leave it to your audience?

A track, a memory, a small thrill. I find that sow beauty is a hope of happiness for all of us and I would like to give my little contribution to our society in decay and devoid of values. The beauty dilates the soul and can help us.

  1. The most distant places and almost untouched in the world …

I hunt them on the internet and fortunately there are still many almost inaccessible places.

  1. What plans do you have next?

I will go to China to photograph the mountains from 7 colors: a surreal scenario that evokes abstract paintings and even taking pictures in ‘extreme east of the gigantic rocks where the clouds are lower than the tops of the mountains and especially Hallelujah Mountain so where were filmed scenes from the movie Avatar.

  1. New forms of expression for the near future? If so what?

Holograms height of particular man and video to be included in the holograms.

  1. To end, I always ask the artists I meet Rossella … creates a question that no one has ever asked you (and so you wanted to hear you ask) and reply….

Rossella romantic you define yourself?

Absolutely but few perceive it because life has forced me to wear a suit of armor to defend my fragility and have a good actress.

Rossella Pezzino De Geronimo was born in Catania, where he lives and works. Artist and entrepreneur, passionate and curious; He loves to explore distant spaces, frequented in her long and exciting trips around the world; His works are in private and public collections.


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