Vegetarian ragout – Fusilli

Recipe Vegetarian ragout – Fusilli x 6

1 zucchini

1 pepper

1 eggplant

1 onion

6 tomatoes

4 tablespoons of tomato concentrate

2 cups of boiling water

20 gr chopped basil

6 tablespoons of Evo oil

Salt to taste

[yumprint-recipe id=’63’]Preparation

Wash the vegetables

Cut the onion into small pieces

Reduce the zucchini pepper and eggplant in small cubes

Simmer the onion in a large pan

Add the vegetables

Keep the lively fire

Cook for 15 minutes frequently

Cut the tomatoes into cubes

Add the tomato

Add the dissolved tomato concentrate in water

At end of cooking add salt and basil


Vegetable or vegetarian dip  have come to me on the direct solicitation of the neighbor. With the same vegetables and some other element -or extra processing, I would have made either a ratatouille typical Provencal outline or a caponate Sicilian outline. The idea of making a sauce by reducing all the elements to a brunoise was her. With the term brunoise in the kitchen it is to reduce to small cubes of fruit or vegetables:  is a cutting technique.

  I discovered after the same vegetables were the protagonists or the pestato Barilla or a vegetarian dip. I do not think you will find a dish with this name in the trattoria but you could always reproduce it according to my instructions. The neighbor about  the vegetarian dip  was right, with this vegetable sauce the fusilli is delicious.

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