Turning around Assisi

Organizing a trip with a stay on the threshold of 2020 can be extremely easy. Google allows you to easily reach and comment on any destination. In Italy there are thousands of sites, places and cities that can satisfy the most disparate needs just focus well on what you really need.
We needed: several bell towers with ringing bells, city clocks and churches adorned with statues and cribs, reachable from Rome with a short time shift; that’s why we chose Assisi last Christmas.
We were not in search of spiritual peace, nor on the trail of the patron saint of the beautiful country but we needed a place where we could be sure of enjoying a cuisine sought after in the products but not too elaborate enough to be attractive even to an inappetent child.
Umbria and Assisi have proved to be perfect locations to satisfy all our oddities.
When you arrive in Assisi you can already count the bell towers that rise above the landscape: there are many. Churches, basilicas, cathedrals and wonders follow one another along the way as soon as you begin to enter the center of the city. Although the whole city is a mystical place, shops are not loaded with only tourist gadgets. In Assisi, craftsmanship and good food are widespread but not intrusive. I have seen much more embarrassing shrines in other places in the world.
There you feel catapulted into the “beautiful” even if you are not interested in the architecture or stories of Saint Francis and Sister Clare. It is a place of tangible beauty, not a Caribbean atoll to access which you need to have a private jet. In Assisi pilgrims and tourists walk side by side interspersed with school groups while the cheerful voices of the boys counterbalance the liturgical songs. The atmosphere of peace and cheerfulness here is contagious and sticks to everything and everyone like ice on winter.
«[..] Però chi d’esso loco fa parole, non dica Ascesi, ché direbbe corto, ma Oriente, se proprio dir vuole.» (trad. But who of it loco makes words, say not Ascesis, for he would say short, but Orient, if he will.)
(Dante Alighieri, Divina Commedia, 1304-1321, Paradiso, canto XI, vv. 52-54)
Cited by Dante and frescoed by Giotto Assisi, it is all perched on the back of Mount Subasio with a medieval structure, always on a discreet difference in altitude, prepare to take long walks with great climbs. Out of a population of almost 29,000 inhabitants there are 219 restaurants in this location and they are all on a good average with an excellent quality / price ratio, we have always been served by polite people even on the evening of December 25th. The harmony, grace and nature of Saint Francis somehow still echo for those who intend to listen, for all the others there is excellent black truffle to flavor a special pasta all Umbria the stringozzi!

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