Tubertini’s video art at Bologna

Short videos filmed in timelaps mode accompany us in the artistic scene of the city of Bologna.


Artcity/Paratissima… Also this year the location of the Magazzini Romagnoli, welcomes Paratissima, the Turin kermesse of independent artists from Italy and the surrounding area, concert of contemporary art. The theme of need is the trait d’union that unites all the works and different are the personal visions of need. From the toasted statues of bread to the triptych on flesh, passing through the poetry realized on the fly in the style of Walter Lazzarin’s tautograms, this edition has a common element: malaise. Each artist in his own way, accuses the world of something, without giving a solution. Like reporters, they decode society in their own way, but they don’t help, they just observe. Always well set up, it remains one step behind Booming! This is my emotional visionlaps.

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During the week of Artcity, the Set Up of the past has become BOOMing, in the industrialspartan space of Dumbo, always under the bright vision of Simona Gavioli, careful curator. Several galleries, usually proposing different artists, have focused on single artists. Different techniques used from the constructive material to the painting of the past, give life to a kaleidoscope of emotions and suggestions of great level. And this is my emotional visionlaps!

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Art City bo /Blobout video installation by SaulSaguatti/Basmati with the collaboration of Opificio Neirami Di Traverso and Audrey Coïaniz. A curious muddy creature, coming from who knows where it palpitates in the heart of Borgo Mascarella. Like a giant octopus, it comes out of the Iko Susni pub when darkness falls, pulsating in the garden in front of it, emitting suggestive noises #basmati #blobout


The work of the pictographer ET continues in Bologna. Personographies, transmutographies, digitographies, divisographies, pelographies and experiments, made with elements of the world of people, make a good show of themselves in this tasty bistrot Bolognese. The bright colours, and the shapes that the pictographer finds or meets or receives, are the basis of his digital palette. Like a painter, in this case 2.0, this artist creates for each work a chromatic palette made of coloured shapes, with which he creates personalised portraits. His research also leads him towards interaction. In the women’s bathroom, in fact, it is possible to write one’s fears on a work, for a more real awareness and as a first step towards overcoming them.

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