Berthe Marisot, Devant la Psychè 1890 – Oil on canvas 55×46 cm – Collection Fondation Pierre Gianadda, Martigny, Suisse – Photo Michel Dalbellay, Martigni

From 2019 October, the 6th, Palazzo Bonaparte starts its exhibitions with Private Impressionists. The new Generali Valore Cultura space hosts more than 50 works in the exposition by Arthemisia open until March, the 8th.

Impressionists from private collections
In the wonderful rooms at the first noble floor, in front of Piazza Venezia, where Napoleon’s mother lived, we can enjoy treasures of Impressionism hidden in important private collections until now. In this occasion, both the location and the masterpieces, are opened to the big public. We find artists such as Monet, Renoir, Cézanne, Pissarro, Sisley, Caillebotte, Morisot, Gonzalès, Gauguin, Signac, Van Rysselberghe and Cross.

Camille Pissarro
Les grans hètres a Varengeville, 1899
Olio su tela 64,8×54 cm
Collezione Pérez Simòn, Messico

Why visit this exhibition?
Also, Impressionism passionate will find here masterpieces never seen before, that will not be exposed anywhere else, unless in private situations. The collectors, sometimes criticized, were the vital lymph of this pictorial genre developed out of the Franch atelier, en Plein air, to the advantage of the freedom of expression.

Paul Gauguin
Breton Fishmen, 1888
Olio su tela 72,4 x 60 cm
Onix Art Collection – from wikiarte

The history of Impressionism
The end of the nineteenth-century atmosphere is here reproduced warm and cosy, thanks also to the tuned works, location and set up.
You find here a summary of the Impressionism history: from the first section about the landscapes to the room about life in Paris, people portraits and then paintings by the neo-impressionist technique. It is impossible to find the best work among these masterpieces. You can choose among different styles and techniques, it is up to your sensibility.

Federico ZandomeneghiSul divano, 1885/90 circaOlio su tela, 44×87 cmCollezione privata Italia

The exhibition was cured by two international experts: Claire Durand-Ruel, and Marianne Mathieu, scientific Director of the Musée Marmottan Monet in Parigi. The patronage is of the Franch Embassy in Italy and from the Lazio Region.
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A special mention for the Palace. Do not forget to look up the ceiling, the stucco and the frescos on the walls and the wonderful mosaic on the floor of the Grand Hall. Before going out, visit also the well preserved Letizia Bonaparte’s balcony, a dive into the past.
To know more about the wonderful Palazzo Bonaparte, an example of the Baroque Art in Rome, recently restored, visit the web site

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