Palazzo Te in Mantua

It happens that in Mantua there is a palace called Palazzo Te, which has nothing to do with the ego said by others or even with the most famous britsh drink, but rather with the crossroads of T-shaped streets in front of the palace or the forest of lime trees that gave the name to the island of Tejeto. This palace, built by Federico II Gonzaga and commissioned to the architect Giulio Romano, is a residence on the edge of the city of Mantua, above the two lakes, derived from the reclamation of the marshes in front of it. It was the place of fun, his and his steeds… Place of banquets and divertissment, noteworthy the hall of the horses exactly. likewise with that of the giants, wonderfully suggestive place.frescoed to the point of losing the definition of angle… It’s like being in a cave., where the eyes look at you upset. Visit it, do not miss the secret apartment and let yourself be fascinated by the Giulio Romano experience!!!

#visionlapse by Enrico Tubertini

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