To have a book in your hands is a richness if you can fix the prize or you can find it in the shops near your house it is a fortune. Recently there are alternative ways to reach books in Rome, I just mention two of them: Open Sky Library and Book-Cycle, the House of the books without the prize.

Notwithstanding Roman troubles, the Capital City reacts with a good civilization and cultural development example for everybody. This is how education and information become a means of personal freedom.

The new reopening of the no profit Book-Cycle Association is the last initiative. In this bookshop, everybody can take up to three used books and leave a donation, a free offer. The House of the Books without Prize, born in the 2011 and managed by volunteers in the San Lorenzo neighbourhood, is based on the re-cycle of the books. In virtual times and augmented reality, this phenomenon, born in the United Kingdom, gives life to our paper cultural heritage, making it available for everybody.

“Which principles at the base of your idea? Access to culture for everybody and everywhere. Reforestation, Self-sustainability through direct cultivation And… do not forget enjoy doing things.”

If you want to know the opening time, how to donate and everything else visit the Association web site and Facebook.

The Open Sky Library is another example of cultural development, thanks to Association, local Committee and a lot of volunteers commitment. An urban model of widespread reading. This diffused form of books on loan and bookcrossing, that involves different shops hosting books according to a common topic and guarantee a useful service to society, has become a steady reality in the VIII Municipio and recently spread in other nine Municipi, a positive contagion.

The symbolic date of birth is 2017, April the 9th, by the Technical Agricultural Intitute Garibaldi. Thanks to the local commitment a big net was born and day by day Biblioteca a cielo aperto took place.

A map of the book corner and the online catalogue allow to look for and find interesting books for free, sometimes just near your house. A cultural net, part of the institutional circle Biblioteche di Roma, around the VIII Municipio, but not only.

“The agreement with the Biblioteche di Roma guarantees a warehouse to store the books, an official brand, identity plates, librarianship cunsulting, support from the Servizio Civile and some shelfs.”
Biblioteca a cielo aperto

Last September 22, the new Biblio Porter was launched, the travelling minibus offering to bookcross everywhere. Next autumn a lot of cultural events will take place in the shops hosting book corner. For further information follow  Facebook Fare Città  and their website.

Now just take part in these interesting projects like a reader, a corner a volunteer, or just for giving or taking books. It’s clear that it’s time for circular culture thanks to volunteers that worked hard to let common heritage available, the “set free books” and not the abandoned one.

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