The best months to buy a plane ticket in Italy


A research conducted by Skyscanner showed the best months to buy a plane flight and save on every possible route travel


The search engine for trips Skyscanner has analyzed the performance of the flight prices from Italy to the most popular destinations in the past two years, the period of the research was between January 2013 and December 2015.
the most profitable periods were derived to book a flight depending on your chosen destination.

mese-piu-economico_viaggiare-aereo_italiaNovember is the cheapest month to travel from Italy with 15.9% less than the average price.
Conversely August is the more expensive month, we spend more’ than 22% more then the average ticket price.

The cheapest week, according to Skyscanner’s estimates, would be the very last of November, with more than 20% less than the average price.


The skyscanner data show the results … who are looking for some occasion.

National flight
by booking 4 weeks before you save 17.4%
The month less convenient is February (-17%)

European short-haul
book 9 weeks before you save 15.6%
The month less convenient November (-18.2%)

Long-haul flight
booking 18 weeks before you save 15%
The month less convenient May (-15%)

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