Rome, found injured a kidnapped chihuahua

Cane chihuahua, di nome Lucrezia rapitoJoy, relief, fear and many, many doubts: this is what Emanuela Signorelli’s mind must look like in these days, after the kidnapping of her dog Lucrezia, a chihuahua, near Via Dei Giornalisti.

Since the kidnapping, that took place into the woman’s house after a robbery by 4 thiefs, no further news about the dog have been spread. No ransom has been requested and no particular claims have been done; this unusual behaviour has led the woman to fulfill the city with leaflets and flyers, to crash the social networks becoming viral and to claim attention by the public authority.

This until the long-awaited call, unfortunately not fully positive, made by a vet: “Lucrezia is here, since a few days, but she’s hurt”. The dog has a spinal fracture, alongside with several other injuries, and no one can imagine the reasons for this violence, also following the loss of ransom or economic claims and the low days of duration of the kidnapping, making it impossible to use Lucrezia as a forced mother to sell the puppies (unfortunately, this is an increasing behaviour)

Now for Emanuela and her little Lucrezia it will start a new life, with more difficulties than before, made by surgical interventions and many dark sides that the public authority still has to clarify.

Anyway, Lucrezia is alive and is “good”: and nothing else matters.

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