IL DIARIO DI MARIAPIA“Our story begins like this. In the theater, in 2006, with “All’s Well That Ends Well”, Shakepeare, Fausto was a clown, I Elena; Mariapia had just returned from the mountain, the show was not that great…” so begins DIARY MARIAPIA, a show born in Stockholm in 2010 and now on stage in Rome at the Teatro dell’Orologio until January 25. The actors on stage are three, but the stories they tell are many more. At the center of it all is her – Monica Samassa – widowed mother and sister, in front of the most unjust and natural destiny: the end of everything. Around her the past ( his family ), the present (the hospital with its strange inhabitants ) and even the shadow of a future. In his head: the steamroller, the sea of cotton wool, nothing incurable. The protagonist is in effect a diary, a series of notes that the eldest son Fausto – the author of the show – supported in this “work” from the companion Iris, focuses on the last words of her sick mother. A red feather perpetually in motion for the anxiety of losing even one accent of that frenzied and relentless flow of memories and love; a stylus funny and out of time, indicating the history, with all of life and death that has dragged below, the representation and writing itself from which it was born. And different character voices that alternate to its dramatic testament not finally that shades of the same pain. A pain projected beyond the scene, behind life itself, a pain in the background that belies its existence unacceptable to leave space only way forward, its irreducible parody.



with Iris Fusetti, Fausto Paravidino, Monica Samassa
written and directed by Fausto Paravidino
Laura Benzi scenes in collaboration with Giorgio Lucia
costumes Sandra Cardini
production Nidodiragno Productions

from Tuesday to Saturday 21.30 – 18.00 Sunday

Photo by Valeria Tomasulo

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