The Fire burning artfully

10858531_794671930603456_2698918432351290933_nIn one of the most loved and mistreated in Rome is not difficult to come across one of the many micro events that populate the streets of Pigneto, the neighborhood south of the urban area between Via Casilina and Via Prenestina. A regular in the tangle of narrow streets and alleys are creative, artists, photographers, filmmakers and filmmakers, easy to meet that leave a mark not only in corners and streets but also in the galleries, local trendsetters and meeting places that are renewed by scanning time one of the most exciting places in the capital.

To comfort this reassuring picture recreation the testing of Laszlo Biro, the contemporary art space in Braccio da Montone 56, with the last one in its temporary installations. Starring the performance “The fire does not burn the ideas” that happens every night from January 10 and will last until February 20 street artist Hogre and collective Guerrilla Spam. 1380487_763510263728264_8395002138604188631_n
To welcome the funeral poster indicating the entrance of the funeral home, where every day at 19 o’clock we proceed to the cremation creative prints made by the two artists and reproduced in a numbered series are burned … until someone does not subtract the fire by buying a copy. A setting that “announces the untimely demise of Hogre and Guerrilla Spam and celebrate their work with an exhibition in memoriam”.

The flames so repeatedly destroy the works that were part of the last project carried out jointly by the artists to propose a show which analyzed the relationship between religion and secularism, and “should have been presented on Christmas Day 2014, but that unfortunately the tragedy prevented from seeing the light. “

Hogre and Guerrilla spam have dedicated their business to constantly analyze and combat the speculative system that wanted them part of the gear statement. Nemesis of the status quo that they wanted to break down the two, however, have tragically ended up being themselves victims of what he strenuously opposed.

Who are they?


Active since 2007, is an artist of whom you have no biographical data. Very well known in the art scene and urban Rome, worked in Italy and abroad, offering posters and stencils characterized by a playful mood but winks to conceptual art and punk aesthetics.
Mina – solo show – Laszlo Biro, Roma 2013
Fomento – solo show – Galo Art Gallery, Torino 2013
La Tour Paris 13 – collective show – Parigi  2013
Ananabismo – solo show – Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Roma 2012
Dove volano le mosche – solo show – Laszlo Biro, Roma  2011
Trash Pro Toto – solo show – Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Roma 2011
Programma – collective show – Laszlo Biro, Roma 2010
Street Walls Experience – collective show – Laboratorio 51, Roma 2010


Born in November 2010 in Florence as a spontaneous action illegal attacchinaggio in urban spaces, from 2011 imposes itself with numerous works in the street throughout Italy and abroad, who maintain a strong interest in social issues and the relationship between individual and space public, preferring the urban action illegal event more official and authorized. In 2012 he published the book Guerrilla Guerrilla Spam Spam. Everything you know is wrong. From 2013 are organizers of Shit Art Fair, the art fair unauthorized taking place for two years in Turin in conjunction with Artissima art fair.

Shit Art Fair 2 – collective show – Torino 2014
Suicide – solo show – Studio/Galo Art Gallery, Torino 2014
Shit Art Fair 1 – collective show – Torino 2013
La prima mostra non autorizzata di Spam – solo show – Firenze 2011

Laszlo Biro
The gallery was founded in 2010 in Rome with the intention of promoting contemporary art experiences for years its own experimental exhibition formula: no more than an exhibition of paintings for sale, but temporary installations that serve as teasers to get commissions from private collectors and Public Administration. Laszlo Biro is located in Via Braccio da Montone 56, Rome. 

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