SKIN TaSTE: art dress PortoFluviale as football players

“Campioni” (Champions) is the name of artwork’ tribute to the players who have worn both shirts AS Roma and Lazio, in time, the work of the protagonist SKIN TaSTE, the multi-year project that reinterprets the facade of PortoFluviale. For this second year the curator Adriana Rispoli invited Flavio Favelli  to reinterpret the facade, the skin, the former depot of the 50s in the area Ostiense with a site-specific made paper poster that will be visible from December 22, 2014 until March 2015 .

On a large poster of 150 square meters will be presented two teams ideals manipulating the images of some famous figurines depicting eleven players of soccer while wearing the jerseys of AS Roma and SS Lazio. The common feature of the players transformed into works of art is that it has played, during their career, in both companies.


The intent is to celebrate sports personalities and, at the same time, demystify the passionate football fan through a reinterpretation of “objects” belonging to his private collection. A parade of faces more or less known that implicitly tells stories of lives and contradictions.

  “Only they have experienced the world of paradox, contradiction, the impossible, the unthinkable, the antithesis, the forbidden, and up to that oxymoron of mortal sin – continues Favelli. Make up a double team, of another reality, imaginary.
Two teams metaphysical, suspended between the two hemispheres of the City “.

SKIN TaSTE aims to involve local residents as well as temporary visitors inviting them to confront an artistic message and not advertising, although advertising it mortgage strategy. The redevelopment of the metropolitan aesthetic and the will to found a new incubator of creativity with the specific mission to create a synergy between the worlds is not so distant as the art and food are behind the project. Conviviality, transmission of experiences, the perception of the details and differences are among the aspects that the artists, through their work, analyze the eye deforming art. The project is implemented in collaboration with the International Meetings of Art and the support of Banca Generali | Private Banking.

skintaste.1ed_romecentralThe work of Mariangela Levita “Color Fusion”, 2013



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