Latin Mood – di Luca Apicella

After the Di Battista, Enrico Pieranunzi, Rita Marcotulli, and Maria Pia De Vito concerts, only to mention some Italian Jazz stars, finally, it’s time to Fabrizio Bosso and Javier Girotto’s musicality in the wonderful Jazz House Park. Wonderful to savor again the taste of live concerts after a long time.

After four years the Latin Mood, the group guided by Fabrizio Bosso and Javier Girotto, come back on the scene. It was a pleasure listening to the repertoire of their two-CD (Sol e Vamos), always engaging also with the last news. A good combination excellent on the solo of the two great wind performers, with energy and happiness, expression of the Latin jazz full of rhythm and love. The accurate compositions, the virtuosity of the executions, and the passionate improvisations create a harmonious mix of sound languages and Latin American and European culture.

Fabrizio Bosso e Javier Girotto – di Luca Apicella

The Latin Jazz is the contribution that Latin American musicians like Dizzy Gillespie e Stan Kenton gave to the Jazz music in the forties. They started playing Afro-Cuban music with Jazz instrument until the Latin American rhythm became typical of this kind of Jazz characterized by two macro-categories: Brasilian and Afro-Cuban. Bosso and Girotto concert represent this kind of music.

Natalio Mangalavite piano e voce – di Luca Apicella

Lorenzo Tucci alla batteria – di Luca Apicella

Bruno Marcozzi alle percussioni – di Luca Apicella

Fabrizio Bosso
Soprano e baritone sax
Javier Girotto
Piano and voice
Natalio Mangalavite
Electric bass 
Luca Bulgarelli
Lorenzo Tucci

Bruno Marcozzi


The summer season of the Fondazione Musica per Roma is titled  “Casa del Jazz Reloaded” and is based on this Festival made for Villa Osio. It is appreciated for the best Italian jazz musicians, together with some international valuable guests like Michael League, Bill Laurence, and Omar Sosa.

For the lovers of this genre these ale the following concerts: Danilo Rea Trio with Massimiliano Pani (21 luglio), Giovanni Guidi and Luca Aquino duo and Giovanni Guidi Little Italy (22 luglio), Roberto Gatto (23 luglio), Ettore Fioravanti “Opus Magnum” (24 luglio), Omar Sosa & Ernesttico Duo (25 luglio), Alessio Boni (26 luglio), U.G.O. + Inquite (27 luglio), Max Ionata Hammond Trio (28 luglio), Arisa (29 luglio), Cinzia Tedesco “Rite Time” (31 luglio), Queen Mania Rapsody (2 Agosto), Quintetto Cafiso (3 agosto), Julian Oliver Mazzariello Trio (4 agosto), Roberto Gatto Quartet (5 agosto), Giovanni Tommaso “Bassoprofilo” (7 agosto).

A curious and stimulating program, that is part of the new palimpsest of Roma Capitale Romarama. After this first part of the program will follow also the dates of I Concerti nel Parco that, as usual, offers original productions between music and theatre, and in September the concerts of Una striscia di Terra feconda. You have only the spoiled for choice.

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