Interview with Anna Marra. The Art, the Woman, the Roman gallery owners

Born galleries managed by women Gallerist, to integrate the world of Art in Rome and was born from the need for a market increasingly growing and artists always more valid and numerous but not only. P

er make live art in the world through collections, collectors the offer is still great. There is a lot of creativity differentiated thanks to modernity and the support of the media excellent and perfect promoter of modern society. The Art is influenced by always from the social context and geographical. In Italy, the artistic heritage of the world, there are many requests but you work with fatigue, few means and few structures which support the art as foundations, institutions and public or private institutions. (as for example in France, England, or in other European countries).

Let us take a dip in the beautiful Roman Galleries and managed by modern gallery that I interview. All are women enterprising, full of enthusiasm and passion, more and more professional, with great depth and ongoing research, is a bit ‘this is the common thread that unites them beyond the Art, with a capital.

Discover 3 galleriste guidelines, women, mothers, wives, workers of the world of Art in Rome. As they work through these three interviews in comparison…

Discussions with the second gallerist interviewed in comparison.

Interview with Anna Marra of contemporary Anna Marra gallerist in Rome

1) How did your love for the art? And what steps are you reaching today?

My professional activity has been for over 20 years related to my training as an economist, I played in a completely different field. The passion for contemporary art as a collector, the friendship with a historical gallery as Mara Coccia and the need to be more present in the family led me to undertake this activity professionally.

A first important result achieved primarily concerns the fact of being identified as a research gallery: this is certainly the aspect of my work that I prefer, indulge my curiosity for the new offer really contemporary. Another important result is that I am achieving greater visibility abroad, not only through participation in world-class trade fairs in Paris, London, Brussels, but also through collaboration with American galleries.

2) can you describe your philosophy in 3 expressions?

Searching for a contemporary artistic expressions that in my opinion are not fads. Responsibility towards the artists and collectors. Promoting greater opening of Italian contemporary art market and helping our emerging artists to establish themselves abroad and making known foreign artists to the Italian collectors.

3) What is your relationship with the artists and how esplore art today?

I think the role of a gallery is not limited to facilitate the sale of the works of its own artist, but extends to promoting their professional growth all round. For the affirmation of an artist is important to document his work, including through the publication of catalogs, and promoting his works internationally, through exhibitions, organizing exhibitions abroad and the support of foreign galleries with which I think it is important to create a network of relationships.

4) Looking at a work of art is like looking at the artist’s soul. If their paintings could talk they would say nowadays there?

I think that a work of art should essentially convey emotions that may be related to the intention to denounce political or social events of the moment, as is being totally unrelated, dealing with intimate matters or transcendental themes. Among the artists who follow you there are some who use the work of art as a tool of political denunciation and social, whereas others through it explore their identity, others who in a more poetic refer to transcendental issues. I think the beauty of art is we can talk about anything.

5) How important is the exhibition space for the work relationship and how it affects?

The exhibition space can affect the artist not only in the creation of site-specific works, but also in the choice of works that can communicate with the enhanced risultandone space.

6) What determines the value of a work of contemporary art?

The value of a work if in the short term may be affected by economic speculation, I think in the long run prevail instead the artist’s value. Certainly the times of the market are not those of art. I mean. In Italy we have had over the last 50 years, great artists, whose international market has noticed only now, evaluating them as they deserve. So I wonder: when it comes to market the market speaks for example to Fontana to Castellani, Manzoni for when they got their expressive maturity and the price of their works was very content, or the current market in which the auctions International will also vie for pieces less beautiful at stratospheric prices? So the market, in the best case, does nothing but take note, in the distance, than the experts first and then evaluate the collective consciousness as a work of art.

7) What determines the value of a work of contemporary art?

If you’re referring to historical courses and resorts, yes, I believe that there are also in art. It is a significant example the return to figurative painting, more obvious abroad than in Italy, but definitely disruptive. I find it extremely interesting to see how they come again declined figuration after years of abstract art and what it was capable of renewal distancing from traditional events.

8) What would you like to convey to the new audience? and that theme do you prefer?

The art that I prefer is the one that knows how to combine the aesthetic value to contemporary problems. I refer to those works, through which the artist addresses current issues in his own way, even socially burning, always trying to take care of its aesthetic value, also scardinandone the traditional canons.

9) We talk about the contemporary art market, as you can direct new collectors today?

To recommend new collectors to focus on younger artists, economically less demanding, but they also shoulder a short story that witnesses a career. In art, as indeed in any other sector, there is sudden.

10) To finish, Art is beauty and is eternal, what would you leave to our future ….

I hope to promote my artists work can tell, through their works, our present to those who will be tomorrow.

Anna Marra Contemporanea is an art gallery active since 2013. Located in the old Jewish ghetto of Rome, the space is strongly characterized by a minimal architecture. A mark that is reflected in the exhibition choices, focused on the most essential and rigorous research. Promoting emerging and middle-career talent, the activity of Anna Marra Contemporanea involves both Italian and international artists. Anna Marra Contemporanea is part of Artughet, an Association that brings together the galleries located in the Jewish Ghetto in Rome.

Anna Marra Contemporanea
Via sant’angelo in pescheria, 32 Roma (italy)
Tel: (+ 39) 06 97612389

Openings hours
from Tuesday to Saturday, 15.30 – 19.30


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