Interview with Ilaria Sergi. The Art, the Woman, the Roman gallery owners

“Art is what the world will become, not what the world is “

Today the situation of art is very much alive, young artists seek to differentiate itself by taking from the spent open to all the expressions of art and of course inspired the great masters of the past. As the return to painting. Also in the Galleries as we said, managed by women offer full of inventiveness. The art thanks to the galleries you make in four, is promoted, known and appreciated, highlighted and supported. Art and culture in general are important for the world today, from the thousand expressions, sources of enrichment for our soul and for us to raise from the ground that little to make us more light in this life wound so hard. Those who live the art is better.

Discover 3 gallerist guidelines, women, mothers, wives, workers of the world of Art in Rome. As they work through these three interviews in comparison…

Discussions with the third gallerist interviewed in comparison.

Interview with Ilaria Sergi of gallery Loft Gallery Space Mater – gallerist in Rome

1) born of your love for the art? And what steps you are reaching today?

As the love the art in my life is born so suddenly; and not as pleasure, but passion. The art is an overwhelming impulse that reflects the spiritual interiority of a human being swept away by the need to expose your soul. Overwhelmed by an inexplicable fury of sensations that I could not to envelop, since small I started to love it trying to understand it in its continuous change. I started my path as curator very young, in 2003, I was 23 years old and i was still a university student. Near study on the organization of institutional exhibitions of national importance, with the good fortune to be able to draw on that heritage of culture and humanity that is Claudio Strinati.
In 2015 after becoming the mother and assets with more than ten years of commitment in this sector, I decided to risk it and transform my love for art and for Rome in a new exhibition proposal. I have chosen with care the district suited to the new gallery, almost an additional bet with the city in one of the most suggestive places of the capital a few steps from the Colosseum in the historic Rione Monti in Rome. It was born so space MatEr, a loft totally dedicated to contemporary art and culture, in a new formula of “Art House” – Full ny style – with corner bistrot, intimate and multi-sensorial, a cultural lounge outstretched to an international role.

The fundamental objective of the Loft Gallery is the widest possible openness in the contemporary, declined in all its formula: painting, sculpture, design, photography, digital art. Today the gallery has that reached important milestones, from 2016 follows the artistic direction of the Artistic Contest Literary Flight of Pegaso Tell Rare Diseases, reached this year its ninth edition and that precisely in this week saw the reward by a jury composed of Vittorio Sgarbi, Santino Paper, Exibart, Gian Paolo Serino and other important names the winners of this latest edition. In 2016 also the gallery has participated in the first week of Contemporary Art of Rome presenting an exhibition proposal “CrossOver” articulated in 5 One Day Expotition who told the art of talented artists cared by the Loft Gallery Space MatEr.

2) I can you describe your philosophy in 3 expressions?

Responsibility, Innovation, Identity

3) What relationship do you have with the artists and as you explore the art of today?

The relationship with the artists is of mutual esteem, if you do not establish a relationship of trust and sharing it becomes difficult to be able to represent their world, telling inside of their personal or submit it to collectors. There must be first of all a my total involvement and the desire to grow together, to experience, to see the rise from each new ideas and new cycles. The Gallery must be understood as a laboratory of ideas capable of giving securities to the artist but also new stimuli in comparison with the rest of the world. It is for this reason that our research is not limited to national borders but is attentive to developments also European, Chinese, American and.

4) Watch a work of art is how to watch the soul of the artist. If their paintings could talk that we would say nowadays?

“The beauty will save the world” is the phrase of welcome of our institutional website. I am convinced that the art has the great task not only to educate the beauty but to educate to the truth, experience that capacity for analysis and perception of details, that capacity for recognition codes, and identification with the time in which we live. The fluidity of the time is today the most recounted by the artists, this difficulty stopping the thought, the speed of a world in continuous evolution, a speed that scares but that at the same time stimulates. I believe that we are in front of a new generation of great artists composed by the class under 55 on which is based the selection of space MatEr. New proposals from them arrive, daughters of experimentation and experience, as the new current proposal from Palermo Ida Saitta on horseback between the 1990s and 2000, overcoming the casual that she herself has called “Linear Magnetism”, and of which the manifest it becomes a regulation of style and technique. Or like trentino Luca Coser that through his painting leads us to a size where the narrative and painting, cinema and the drawing become one through an unmistakable style. Or the photograph of Alfredo Dante Walliser capable of telling the identity and belonging through his gaze always attentive to developments, or the unmistakable style of Gianfranco down with his canvases embroidered.

5) How important is the exhibition space for relationship to the work and how they influence?

The exhibition space is the home of the artwork. The space must be able to communicate the artistic power of the opera, the final result must be harmonious, positive, ideal, opera and space must be able to communicate without blocks.

6) What determines the value of a contemporary work of art?

L to its ability to be unique, of knowing how to tell through research the time in which he lives

there is the concept forward – back in contemporary art, what do you think?

Exists. Without it there would be the present, there would be no possibility of evolution, each end becomes in the art a new departure and the time it scans the rhythms. Even for the art galleries this concept of time is very important, we are in the heart of an evolution in this sector, we need new capacity, the merchant is no longer enough and this figure no longer meets the artist. Serve organizational skills, communication, serious knowledge of art and of psychology. If you are able to contain all this I am convinced that the objective success cannot not be centered.

7) What would you like to pass on to the new public? And that theme do you enjoy?

I would like to transmit the passion. The people are losing the ability to cultivate a passion, and this is fundamental for me to stay alive and communicating with with the world. But I would like to also transmit the seriousness with which I guide my work, the choice of artists, their artistic path. Being surrounded by beauty helps man to live better. The themes of life in positive key are the predominant ones, even if much research in the public gallery are daughters of paths of historical memory.

8) Talk of the contemporary art market, as can be addressed today new collectors?

Dear Sveva i think first of all that in an epoch projected toward the spasmodic quest of new, wherein what today is “in” is intended to be “out” the next day, and transience is the leitmotif of our lives, we need to ask ourselves in a time that changes as are also changing collectors. A collection of art should be the visual manifestation of an interior disposition, a magnet which is able to activate a series of suggestions, visual references, social, personal, on scale micro and macro. For this reason the construction of a collection is an act of dedication and commitment, is the expression of an insatiable desire for cultivation of their visual perception and mental cognition. Those who entrust themselves to our advice is addressed by us always by three criteria: ” is a work visually and conceptually strong? – for me a strong work is much more important than a famous name. The second criterion relates to the artist, his personal background and work ethos. The third criterion concerns the interaction that can arise between a new job and those already present in a collection. But I am also convinced that collectors should not be placed in the center of the scene, the art should be the fulcrum of a collection and artists should have the maximum projection. Our role, our power consists in doing so that this can happen. As says Hans Ulrich Obrist ours is a “fundamental invisibility”.

9) to terminate, art is beauty and is eternal, what would you like to leave to our future….

We are fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful places of our planet, every corner of our nation is rich of history, archeology, art. This If on the one hand encourages us from childhood to beauty, on the other hand takes us away from the new forms of contemporary art. I believe this is one of the reasons, beyond the crisis, whereby throughout Europe the market is more lively and thriving with respect to our. The beauty, if on the one hand we enhance, and on the other side there limits. The work we are doing in these years as promoters of contemporary art is similar to a bonsai that needs time and energies to grow, but once it has assumed its own conformation can withstand the test of time and weather. I would like to leave this and the certainty of a country that believes in his art as the highest expression of civilizations and identity and make people understand that the art is an area of great economic growth if inserted in a clear path, certain and legislated.


MatEr is passion for the culture, the cinema, art, science and technology. It is dialog in continuous search of beauty. The Association MatEr shall endeavor to promote culture, art, science and technology and to a cultural model which again the dialog and contact with the beauty and history of the Territories. Furthermore strives for the promotion in Europe of culture and scientific research, historical, artistic and identities of its nations. Embracing the principle of co-development, the instrument of international cooperation, MatEr is proposed as a cultural bridge that makes emerge and spread the potential arising from the aggregation of different subjects in the search for common solutions, with the desire to develop and create a system of modern and innovative based on a real knowledge economy and capable of responding to the challenges posed by globalisation in key economic development.

Loft Gallery – Spazio MatEr 
Via Ludovico Muratori, 11 Rome (Italy)

Phone: +39 0471 273299 – Fax: +39 0471 272852

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