MOMA Hostel -a living museum in Rome

Art has always been one of the major strengths of Italy, a source of identity and sense of belonging. Today in Italy, born viable projects that contribute to the culture of well-being and social cohesion. The cultural and creative industries are a growth engine of our country. Born so places like the MOMA Hostel – a living museum, opened in Rome near St. Peter, is a new Concept Hostel dedicated to the new generation of travelers.

M.O.M.A. means: Meet –Others –Meet –Art .

Artists are more than ever the first to be travelers, embody the driving stimulus and swirling desire for change and the search for beauty that society needs. They create a transport role and exhortation to the improvement and transformation … so the company takes its influences and transmits them in the city itself.
In the Hostel you will MOMA works: Diamond, Davide Dormino, Barbara Salvucci, Matteo Giuntini, Luca Grechi, Virdi, Francesca Romana Pinzari, Franco Losvizzero, Mauro Magni, Angelo Colagrossi, Gaia Scaramella, Cristiano Quagliozzi, Raimondo Galeano, Tiziana Wax Rosco, Giacomo Tringali and many others.

Interview to the inventor and Dir. Franco Losvizzero

1) How did the MOMA Hostel -Museo Habitable?

Born from the desire to combine my greatest passion: Art with a family disused space. Born from the need to tell a new generation of artists who do not find the right space in the official museums. Born from the desire to educate tourists that abounds in Rome, fortunately, to the beautiful contemporary culture. Many know the history of ancient art, but few people know the Italian contemporary research that is second to none.

2) The purpose of the artwork inside the MOMA Hostel?

Many of the works are part of my collection I have accumulated by making changes with artists whom I respect, galleries and collectors; I traded my works for years, by Franco Losvizzero that’s my artistic name, with works by others and this was an opportunity to share what I consider a small fortune with others. The purpose of the works and a museum is to educate the public, to do “dream” with creativity, whether it be a tourist or a Roman. And to those who ask me if I’m not afraid to ruin me say that it’s a risk we have to run, because only by knowing you can respect the art. Whether contemporary or ancient, tourists like a countrymen can love, know and respect the efforts of those who in every age has been “contemporary” and in every age is looking to create and give beauty.

3) The selection of the artists?

They are my contemporaries and those who believe will become the masters of tomorrow … although many are already considered among the best of the landscape not only Italian. This is confirmed by several appearances in the biennial and in the permanent collections of several museums.

4) The space and the work that relationship and how we express in this context?

There are 15 artists who worked cite specific that is on site. They made sure that the audience was enveloped by the work for a multi-sensory experience and charm. In the case of Mauro Magni and his Gayatri Mantra room that also has a dedicated music, particularly a mantra among the most powerful and starred listenable passing the writing on the wall in our ears. A place of reflection. While the room 2 Angelo Colagrossi evokes the codes, the energy, the numbers, the frequencies that pass through us with a vibrant forest. Other artists such as Barbara Salvucci worked on the fine line between opera-installation and design, the practical potential of a work and its captivating aesthetics.

Each artist was chosen for his skill and each one has proposed making the installations inspired by the place itself. The result is a lively and fluid path between different styles. All linked by humanity of the people involved that allows and has allowed mingle and meet in the same space. People beautiful in order to reflect an inherent beauty in the works as in the energy used!

5) Every situation is art alive in Rome?

In Rome there isn’t a nice period apart from the experiences of the MAAM, a place in Prenestina and a few other things too often casts in circles and museums too close. But it is not only a problem in Rome is the “Italian system” which is in plaster and has failed to respond to this crisis that has affected everything and especially contemporary art.

6) Inspiration to the old artists of the past?

I can speak for myself, for “Losvizzero”: I love Hieronymus Bosch, Michelangelo, Caravaggio and also being a director Pierpaolo Pasolini, Dali-Brunuel and Alejandro Jodorwsky with whom I had the honor to work.

7) What would you like to transmit and leave to those who come to MOMA Hostel?

Love and passion for contemporary art, which happens in other countries and that in Italy it is relegated to last place after the many ruins of the past even well preserved. We are a country alive, and although no one seriously take care of “research” Contemporary is and remains one of our excellence

8) Art in Other Myths for a City usability: I would say, I argue that functions very well, what do you think?

Contemporary art if it is sincere expression of this generation always work very well. Just do not wait, as they do in Italy, the death of the artists to make the proper honors.

9) Three adjectives that define the MOMA Hostel?

1-Pratical -Why convenient and economical. It takes 25 Euros to sleep.

2- In line with the times- Why new generation hostel there are many in the world a few in Italy. It has cutting-edge technologies such as ultra-fast Wi-Fi and electronic locks with badge and a numeric keypad and entertainment with mini cinema and possibility of renting tablet.

3- Beautiful – Because beauty helps you feel well in the place that is home to you and good for the heart! At least for me it’s great because I met all the works and the artists I most respect!

10) the virtual world meets the art world? Explain to us in what way?

In recent years, it is undeniable that we communicate much more through social networks, through Facebook and Instagram with the risk of feeling more connected with everyone, but you always have less interpersonal exchanges to know really. The MOMA Hostel wants to be an opportunity to make a date now in Rome (tomorrow in other MOMA … Hostel in Berlin in Venice, Amsterdam) to switch between pre-knowledge on social meeting-real exchange in one place. For this we want people of this new generation are before holding a Face Book account to access the registration, they can be the first to know and to see from the photos they post, the comments, if you are sensitive to art, curious and respectful the neighbor as ask you to be our guests. A kind of door policy on the basis of the beauty of the soul. It ‘a bit utopian but I realize in time we will make sure to discourage those who do not want to meet the Grim and who is not interested in art and respect for others. A safe place to stay for girls and boys from all over the world. Then they can shake the virtual knowledge with who is coming to the MOMA Hostel to organize trips and visits together. Traveling alone can be an opportunity to exchange this is called M.O.M.A. Meet Others Meet Art – Meet the next, meets art!

11) Art is a journey inward … … or in this case the outer?

The journey is always an inner experience, knowledge and thus growth; if we add the meeting to the next, because traveling with friends is fun but meet new ones is even more beautiful! He says one of the Erasmus Generation, ‘meet new cultures through traveling companions and a place that immerses you in a work of art is, for me, the greatest’. Sure passes first to an outward trip but the beauty of Rome, St. Peter’s (which is a few meters from the hostel) as a container of thousands of masterpieces and contemporary beauty, it is likely that you come in and if we do that it means that the mission of the Museum of Modern Art Hostel is feasible and desirable. For this, we have tried to make the Format MOMA Hostel replicable for other possible hostels but also with the Guest House Room MOMA other guesthouses and Bed and Breakfast of which Rome is rich. With a contemporary design, retailing and contemporary works of art can enter the circuit or MOMA. MOMA Hostel Room, in its communications network and related services. We have created the number zero, now the idea is to make the number 1, 2 and 3 … .This is our dream and still describe it is a small thing you have to live it and sleep there to really understand what it is and if we did center .

MOMA Hostel – a living museum, in Via Paolo II, 7 in Rome is the number zero of a tourist format for young people who want to make the trip an opportunity to share. Meeting new people and meet with contemporary art. A hostel, as there are several in Europe, but only in its realization, projected into the new millennium with advanced technologies (wi-fi ultrafast, possibility to rent an i-pad, electronic keys / badje and / or with numeric codes) contemporary design, integrating art gallery Boutique Hostel (possibility to buy objects, works, design solutions). Born from the mind of an artist is the place to live the experience of sleeping in a work of art. Overnight accommodation in a museum to make the experience “contemporary” immersive 360 ​​degree. The MOMA Hostel is the place where you meet different realities above all the virtual social then the meeting. You can only be accessed if you hold an account on Facebook.

People can know each other before and maybe virtually arrange trips prior to arrival. A virtual space and then “real” where to travel alone or with friends / girlfriends to meet elsewhere … the other … Art!

I think everyone should go to MOMA Hostel in Rome.

MOMA Hostel – Museo abitabile
in Via Paolo II, 7 a Roma


4 comments to “MOMA Hostel -a living museum in Rome”
  1. Un piccolo paradiso in una grande città! Arte, cortesia ed ospitalità fusi insieme! Ottima la posizione: zona tranquilla a pochi passi da San Pietro! Nuovissimo e pulitissimo! Ci torneremo!?

  2. Bellissimo!
    È stata una meravigliosa esperienza. Anche se per troppo poco, vivere in mezzo ad opere d’arte in un ambiente smart, nuovissimo, molto pulito e con personale qualificato, alla mano e molto disponibile è stato un must-have del nostro viaggio.
    Da ripetere alla prima occasione.

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