WINTER by Jon Fosse


Production “Florian Metateatro” in collaboration with ATCL and Ric-Festival 2014

directed by Vincenzo Manna

with Anna Paola Vellaccio and Flaminia Cuzzoli

translation of Graziella Perin

adapted and directed by Vincenzo Manna

assistant director Andrea Vellotti

lighting design Javier Delle Monache

costumes and props Cassepipe Company

with the support of MiBACT, Abbruzzo Region, City of Pescara

From February 23 to March 1 at the Teatro India were staged three different texts of one of the greatest contemporary authors. This is the TRITTICO JON WAS, focus on the drama of the famous Norwegian author proposed by Teatro di Roma and ATCL. The lyrics are: Suzannah, I am the Wind and Winter and the royal entrusted respectively to three young Italian: Thea Dellavalle, Alexander the Greek and Vincenzo Manna.

The last of the three, Winter, staged by Manna 27 and February 28, is a contemporary reinterpretation of the text with a point of view upside down. I am no longer a man and a woman to interact only with each other, as if the world did not exist any more, but here and now are just two women. A beautiful young prostitute angry and careless, and a bored bourgeois lady with a job that does not love and a husband who knows where. The meeting between the two is the spark for a disturbing love story that is consumed and eternal between the sheets of an ordinary hotel, above a bar in a any way whatsoever. A love so fake and impossible that waits and forget but, also, to get back and last, maybe forever. Because that’s how it happens. Everything happens so.


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