BATTUAGE by Vuccirìa Teatro


© Valeria Tomasulo Photographer


Vuccirìa Theatre
written and directed by Joele Anastasi.
with Joele Anastasi, Enrico Sortino, Federica Carob Toscano and Simone Leonardi

sets and costumes Giulio Village
lighting design by David Manca
assistant director Enrico Sortino
photo Dalila Romeo
Video Giuseppe Cardaci
make-up Stefania D’Alessandro
assistant director Chiara Girardi

Press The Relays
Distribution Razmataz Shows
Production Diaghilev | Coproduction Vucciria Theatre

Battuage is a place of passage, an open space, a street, a park, a public toilet. It is a dark place, with some red light, a meeting place, a bit ‘hidden. It ‘a fake universe, invented, extravagant and rigged. An indefinite elsewhere beaten constantly looking for meat and fear. And ‘false appearance as a false Gallicism where pleasure hopeless struggle with the reality of a castrating normality defunct. And the four actors in their doubled sculettano characters trapped in this suffocating anonymity, with their heels unstoppable in the hope of satisfying an insatiable desire in the arms and legs of a world that does not want them. Turn off for once, once in a while, like candles on the cake, that guilt and shame for having offended the mother’s home or the marriage bed, and have sinned beyond respectability, legitimacy beyond forgivable. Then dig up, once and for all, dignity abandoned and distressed. Bring it back to life at the cost of use of the death, to return to have nothing but his battered body and refused, a revenge that does not sound the wound but widens, this big black hole, loud and vile as a street where no the sun beats.


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