THE PATHETIC – Three ramshackle movements to the tune of Chekhov

© Valeria Tomasulo Photographer

© Valeria Tomasulo Photographer

Company marabouts and have Nahia

THE PATHETIC – Three ramshackle movements to the tune of Chekhov

5-6-7 March|2015 @ Carrozzerie_n.o.t

by Lorenzo De Liberato
directed by Paul Zachariah and Lorenzo De Liberato
Blessed with Cora, Fabrizio Milan, Stefano Patti, Chiara Poletti,
Mario Russo, Paul Zacharias

A company of actors, a great text to represent and this same text in which they are trapped to represent him. So the characters of Chekhov that decorate a work of Chekhov. Six Characters in Search of a drama that are already reciting: The Seagull.
On the score of one of the most famous plays of Chekhov sounds the choreography of a choreography now written. A theater in the theater in the theater, as a fertile and generous Matryoshka pretending to be such. It is not just the reality that enters the theater and likes to play herself, but it is the theater that contested this truth, vomits out whether to get her back to be now and forever pure spectacle.
A bourgeois drama that does not know imbandire its end, implodes in for fear of growing up and finds himself in the child backstage without wings of a theater that can not help but be the scene regardless.
The reality here we do not care, it’s just passing between a hoax and the other.
Life this time is in the minority and the curtain does not exist.



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