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Seventh round of the Review
This house is not a theater -
raids in the scene simultaneously

(Award Winner Riccione / Tondelli 2009)
Maria Teresa Berardelli
With Dorothy Acquaviva, Beppe Casales, Cecilia Cinardi, Francesco Ferrieri, Irene Raspberries
Directed Camilla Brison
Assistant director Laura Tassi

"HIM - I think we should leave.
  MAN - I also think we should leave.
        SHE looks at the MAN.
  MAN - But I will not leave. Wait is the only thing I can do. "

Wait is still employed. You do not expect anything that is terrible. said Cesare Pavese. Five people, three couples. A metro station and a meter that will never go. Wait seems the only thing possible, although it is also the most useless, ineffective, sterile. Pending unnerving you stripped of all inhibitions, anger escapes from the hands, fear and tears accompany the reflections, and all the gestures they return defeated to their poor intentions. The speeches lose life, and the words are bad because they themselves are sterile, and can only kill everything that guard. And if we talk so much of happiness is only because we can not conquer it. But despite this we continue to wait, like a meter failure that will pass no more.


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