Sold out the two events of this late summer at the Teatro Gasometer with Vuccirìa Theatre and their “I never had done anything with anybody.”
Staged on 6 and 15 September the show, a few years from debut, already a long history of awards and rewards. Roma won the Fringe Festival in 2013 and also get the award for Best Drama and Best Actor in Joele Anastasi Enrico Sortino. In July 2014 he represented Italy at the San Diego International Fringe Festival in 2014 and won the highest award: Best Show 2014. With the same show the company won ‘Stations Emergency – Act V – For new creativity 2014’, Galleria Toledo , Naples and the Critics Prize at the Festival Direction Under-30, Social Theatre of Gualtieri. While in September 2014 the show was chosen to open the festival “Green Carnation XXI”, marking the beginning of the season of the Teatro Argentina in Rome.
The three characters of the drama that takes place in Sicily are immersed a wild world in dark colors and clear words. Everything seems to join the center of the stage, everything seems to be fulfilled for John, for his love and his vocation. The different stories bind and overflow on his body opened up and exposed, a face smeared and then offended, because innocence and happiness into one being not allowed and the foolish hero we have to atone dancing with death evil live of the other two poor unfortunates.


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