Jazz in Rome, music and cuisine at Caffé Ballad with Silvia Manco Trio

silvia-manco_jazz-trio_riccardo-gola_ballad-caffeThe jazz and blues music scene is well represented in the capital, Rome has not the large possibility of choice of Berlin or New York but every evening, in our eternal city, you can admire performances by local  or international artists in one of the few clubs where you can listen Jazz.
We had dinner at  Ballad
Caffe’, where Silvia Manco trio with Riccardo Gola and Francesco Ciniglio with a selection of traditional and contemporary jazz interpretations.
We did not miss the chance to see a good concert in the San Lorenzo district of Rome. This area is known for the presence of many students and several informal clubs, and recently the possibility to listen to good music accompanied by food offer in line with the culinary delights offered by our territory.

balld-caffe_music-jazz_romaAt  Ballad Cafè you listen music, and you can breathe in the atmosphere of this small establishment cured for everyone, just check the club’s program and see what offer in the evening. The restaurant’s motto seems to be “All roads lead to jazz” and more precisely in the lively area of San Lorenzo in Rome, along the Aurelian walls about 100 meters from Porta Maggiore, on Via di Porta Labicana 52 is just where is this little jazz mecca, the Ballad Caffe’.

silvia-manco_trio_francesco-ciniglio_riccardo-golaSilvia Manco Trio
The trio of pianist and vocalist Silvia Manco, Riccardo Gola (bass) and Francesco Ciniglio (drums) has its peculiar figure in the current sound with deep roots in the tradition of jazz and is distinguished by a broad conception of the piano / vocal trio that has his most direct references in bands formed by Shirley Horn, Nat King Cole, Blossom Dearie and pianism of Ahmad Jamal, Abdullah Ibrahim and Horace Silver for the care of the arrangements, the search for dialogue between the instruments and the raids in Souljazz.

Starting with the choice of standard songs from the large melodic breath, precious and often little known, broadens the perspective to original compositions, when we feel the influence of contemporary jazz.


Silvia Manco, piano e voce


The Chef “musicality”. Local cuisine follows the philosophy of creativity and classic dishes coexist with original proposals. Supervision is the chef Filippo Cennicola, born and raised in the high Matese, mountainous chain of central Italy, the center-meridional Apennines, where the land marks the rhythm of life, where people live a simple life rich flavors of arriving direct to heart.
For Filippo the kitchen has maintained with time and experience the true flavors of his homeland, he knew with his dexterity and inventiveness through the choice of typical products from grape varieties, from the woods, from the earth with bold combinations to enhance and create dishes that retain natural flavors with strong combinations and decided how strong is his passion for cooking.max-ionata-al-ballad-caffeJazz, but not only
This place is transformed for one afternoon a week in the ‘Lounge of the nineteenth century with romances and arias and chamber opera of the greatest authors of the Bel Canto tradition (Vivaldi, Pergolesi, Mozart, Rossini, Bellini, Donizetti, Verdi, Puccini, Tosti, Mascagni and many others) performed by prestigious opera singers. A musical afternoon to stop for a tea and snacks.
The cinema of the past with the ‘Festival of Silence’, with screenings of classic silent film with live musical accompaniment entrusted to important contemporary musicians, jazz and beyond.
The art is on at the Ballad Coffee through a series of exhibitions of artists who happen periodically in space Atelier Ballad, but also video projections, live music, literary readings.

balld-caffe_roma-san-lorenzo_jazz-clubBALLAD CAFFE’
Jazz Club & Restaurant in Rome
Via di Porta Labicana 52
Tel +39 3342775790
Open all evenings


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