What makes us a HEART in Rebibbia prison?
It prepares the advent and the Christmas period also gives the prisoners a series of cultural initiatives to the recovery of social values and linked to the world of women.

So the artist Alan Bianchi aims to take on trips his HEART from Macro Testaccio in Rebibbia prison, to tell the connection between the outside and the inside, between the outside world and jail.

The artist aka BeeAnkee is working to achieve its installation during the exhibition Reaction Rome, from 11 November until 3 December at Macro Testaccio Factory: a video installation company that tells Rome through the eyes of those who live and crosses.

The heart, real heart muscle, about three meters wide and almost two, will be realized by the artist with poor waste materials, including rags worn by the patrons of the exhibition.



The work will then be moved to the women’s prison of Rebibbia: for years, thanks to the collaboration of Mario Pontillo (responsible for the Association’s Rebibbia Il Viandante), the Radio Rock speaker organizes days dedicated to women inmates. Here we are then applied on the work and testimonies of sentences held the Capitoline prison. During the making of “Heart” at the Macro,
B. Cianchini collect thoughts “on the heart” of the patrons.

The day of December 6, 2016 will be special: see on stage Rebibbia two specific themes of Radio Rock, music and contemporary art.
In addition to live music by artists selected by the same broadcaster there will be an important donation with women held opera “Heart.” And finally there will also be a reading of the thoughts of those detained across Italy and a young lifer impediment that he has now graduated and started a new life path. The thoughts will be read by the staff of Radio Rock Betta Cianchini, by journalist Elisabetta Galgani, President of Marmorata169 and for years engaged on social issues, by Franca Garreffa Professor of Sociology of Deviance University of Calabria and a relay race of artists Roman.

Heart will be the same one that will be able to see the detainees and their families during the talks. With the hope of never seeing that “the heart caged” but to cultivate with their new routes.
The work: “You are my enemy … and I make you” hearts “…

artist’s notes: Why do hearts.

Why always the man spoke of hearts who give themselves but only to a loved one, a paid.

Allocating the enemies hate and war, just trying sometimes real sometimes preposterous to stop hate and war.

But if we give food to the hungry, those who can not give knowledge, for those who believe an enemy we do not give your heart?

The things you give to those in need. Evil needs to heart. Not bombs. Are you the “my enemy” … and I make you “hearts” …

How: I build a heart, a heart muscle. I build with pieces of recycling, with a core of wire, the network if needed, then get dressed in rags, used clothing: pieces of life that someone has retired. Rags turn red because red is the liquid that keeps us alive. Disused pieces come back to life.




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