Beauty and the Beast. Put like that it seems exaggerated in that we are writing about two beautiful women who lived between the 1920s and the 1960s.

Doris Day the perfunctory sweetheart of America and Judy Garland rebellious and dissatisfied.

Both with unique voices Doris Day a complete performer great voice, at the time accompanying us with large orchestras. Later emerging with acting and dancing in film.

Judy Garland powerful voice a life spent between failed marriages and alcohol and drug abuse highs and lows, still enters the Olympus of cinema and let’s not forget she was the birthplace of singer Liza Minnelli.

After this little introduction we come to what the wonderful evening had in store for us.

Performers on vocals Valeria Rinaldi on piano Leonardo Borghi and on trombone Massimo Pirone.

Valeria Rinaldi is always a great show, great stage presence powerful voice never stentorian, to interpret two difficult and different voices. An uninterrupted evening of splendid vocal performances.

Though the two singers performed with orchestras, which was the custom in those days, Valeria gave her best with only two professionals on piano and trombone. The evening gave a feeling of beautiful vocal and musical fullness at times, perhaps a bit slow but never boring. Leonardo Borghi on piano, powerful present and well coordinated a true and attentive professional.

Massimo Pirone an old-time musician bravissimo well accompanied the truly impregnative evening with the splendid melody of his difficult instrument, never failing to be present at the right moment.

Our thanks go, as always, to the two women creators of the evening namely Belinda Romiti press office and artistic director Brenda Monticone Martini

Via Capo d’Africa 8/12
Rome 00184

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