For the XI edition (the eleventh) of the NIGHT OF THE CANDLES (La Notte delle Candele) of Vallerano , a splendid medieval town in the province of Viterbo, you will be waiting for a magical event that on the last Saturday of August will illuminate the medieval medieval village in the heart of  Tuscia in the Viterbo county . The event has the full participation of locals who stand out for the organization and scenery of the lights that will illuminate every corner, alley, square of the country.

Saturday, August 26, 2017, more than 100,000 candles will be the protagonists of an edition that has already recorded in recent editions many affluences and consents both at national and international level.

This year’s theme is The Kingdom of Ice and Flowers, which through a giant video installation and numerous candlelights at the entrance to the Republic Square will be attended by many musicians who will accompany the audience in the emotional itinerary, set for this year festival, increasingly in the art and music scene.

The Event

In the last 10 editions, about one hundred thousand candles have been lit up the streets of the historic center with more than 20,000 visitors registered by the organizers with 100 live shows: concerts, shows, screenings and various performances. The Night of the Candles is the concluding event and the Festival of Small Night Serenades, an event organized by the Cultural Association “Small Night Serene Night of Candles”, which has become a tradition and which takes place every year at the end of August in Charming village of Vallerano, one of the most vital and lively centers in Tuscia.

More than 20000 people are expected for this eleventh edition of the VALLERAN CANDLE NIGHT.
Saturday, August 26, 2017 (as tradition last Saturday of last summer), more than 100,000 candles will be the protagonists of an edition has already recorded all sold out, this will be the last one for the Vallerano mayor Mr. Maurizio Gregori,  with affluences from all over Italy (and also from some European countries) .
This year the boundaries of the bright area will be enlarged beyond the historic center, hosting a large number of artists (almost 30) who will perform at the same time in the most picturesque places of the village, allowing thousands of guests to live an unforgettable journey of music and arts of all kinds.
Another novelty, in addition to the shuttle service that will take you to the entrance of the event, will be the main square that will surprise you with video and candles through a unique work of its kind.

Artists and places

Valeria Carissimi – Giardino Centro Storico

Alessandra Salerno – Piazza Ospedale

Premio “Alvaro Bigiaretti’ – Via Ospedale

Merenda Clandestina – Largo S. Andrea

Youkus – giardino comunale – Ukulele ensemble

Astenersi PerdiTempo – Piazza San Vittore – Musica liquida

Oceani 5t – Piazza Casalino – Oceani. La Musica del Mare

Astronomitaly – via dei granari

Lo candelaro viterbese – colle a sole

Duo Country Diamonds of Dust – colle a sole

Noise Traffic – Via dei Cellari

Los 3 Saltos – via colle a frio

Thomas Valente e l’Orchestra Maldestra – via colle a frio

Area bimbi a cura di Armakà Animation– via caduti di Nassirya

Il regno del ghiaccio e dei fiori – piazza della Repubblica

Tamburellisti di Torre Paduli, la pizzicata di mezzanotte – piazza della Repubblica

Simone Gamberi – largo Trento

Starligh dance party – piazza Padella

Area Hip Hop– viale Trieste

Una Tamtum Marching Band – via della pieve

Urban Vibes – via Agostini

Pietro Benedetti in cantando transumando – itinerante

Mercatino delle antiche botteghe farnesiane – piazzale Madonna del Ruscello

Simone Baggiani – colle a sole

The event, as tradition, will be the last stage of the festival “Small Night Serenades”, which, at its sixteenth edition, will host the Oratory Square, free admission, also the Collective Concorde Group with Un Domingo en la Boca Tuesday 22 August – 9.30 pm) and the vocal quintet BMV CABRIO (Thursday 24 August – 9.30 pm).

Great also for the twin Spanish Candle Night, the so-called NIT D’ESPELMES, which will take place this Saturday, July 29, in Pals (Girona), Costa Brava.

Info and subscription

Participation in the competition is open to everyone, in this edition the competition is about “COLOR” and each participant can propose photos related to the evening of August 26, 2017.

To sign up for the competition you can send an e-mail to by August 24th.
Do not forget that the registration can also take place at the same night, at ticket offices and entry points.

The registration fee is 5,00 Euros for each participant and the fee must be paid at the ticket offices of the event the same evening for both entries.
At the same time as the payment will be given to each participant the registration form, also valid as a pass, to access the event.

To download the settlement click here:



Historic centre of Vallerano
  Free entry for residents
Entrance fee € 5,00 full
Open-air ticket office at 18.00
Pre-order € 6,00
Pre-order to the site:

Official website:
FB Page:

The shuttle service from the parking lot will be activated at the entrance of the event.


At 21:00

Valeria Carissimi
Garden Historical Center
Graduated in classical harp in 1995 at the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome, specializes in Celtic harp and ancient harps. He performs concert activities as soloist or chamber music or orchestral formations.

Alessandra Salerno
Hospital Square

Prize “Alvaro Bigiaretti”
Via Hospital

Merenda Clandestina
Largo S. Andrea
It’s a jam session of dj that mix smells, sounds and flavors. An oath to the rite of eating and cooking. An unconventional dj set dedicated to those who love to take time to savor with ears and mouth. The success is in looking around dishes that are turning; Small and fragrant.

Communal garden
Ukulele ensemble
The ukulele is not just a little guitar: for Youkus is the instrument with which to claim the otherwise great being. Ironic, pocket-sized, always ready to make music, Youkus is a virtuoso combo of the kaulele who, as tourists by chance, have emerged in the world of Italian pop with the only mission of playing with the songs and smacking the mania of us all . Someone Like Little” is their first single, which opens the way to the same debut album released in June 2017 for the historic Flipper Music record company.
Claudio Perini: virtuoso of the kanulel and multi-instrumentalist, poet and writer, is the author of all Youkus songs, but remains humble. Obsessive and baritone, it’s the group’s good: to figure out the others.
Fabio Casale: chef, born cabaretist, polyphonic instrumentalist, rhythmic ukulelist. But above all singer, as he likes to be defined. The problem is to silence it.
Max Ranucci: As a bassist, he is often mocked by other band members. In reality with his trust Ukulele Basso is the only one to have the big one: It’s the heart of Youkus!

Piazza San Vittore
Liquid music
It is a musical genre that goes back to the songwriting (not just Italian), with jazz notes, bossa nova; The tones are very soft and quiet. The songs have all been arranged for the project
Laura Antonini: voice
Luciano Watches: sax, clarinet, low clarinet
Massimo Lattanzi: guitars
Steve Laye: double bass
Roberto Forlini: drums and percussion

Oceans 5t
Piazza Casalino
The Music of the Sea
Multicultural Project that embraces the disciplines of Music, Literature and Ecology
“Oceans” is a musical project designed by Riccardo Ascani, a musician, composer and doctor in Natural Sciences. A project that wants to focus the music on a theme of great relevance and importance, which is the safeguard of the sea and the environment. The marine ecosystem is based on very delicate balances that in turn affect the health of the entire planet.
Oceans like rainforests are the main source of planet oxygen, the introduction by humans of toxic substances directly into the sea or through the rivers and the atmosphere, some types of apparently forbidden fishing, the wicked and unproductive withdrawals No control of the sea bottom of minerals and hydrocarbons, are just some of the negative aspects that characterize the bad relationship between humanity and the sea.
On the other hand, the music of “Oceans” tells us the sea idealized in the literature and in the soul of every man. The sea is a source of inspiration for illustrious writers from Homer to Baricco passing through Conrad, Lorca and Hemingway.
“Oceans” is therefore a multicultural project that embraces simultaneously the disciplines of music, ecology and literature.
“Oceans” is also a multistilistic and multimedia project, because the author has been able to blend flamenco contents with jazz and electronics in a unique, pleasing style that delivers the listener to unlimited territories and distant horizons.
The concert takes advantage of the projection of videos and images of the marine environment, of a reciting voice (short footsteps from works by Homer, Conrad, Lorca, Gibran, Hemingway and Baricco) as well as a brief conference on the preservation of the sealed sea By the same Master Riccardo Ascani, thus becoming a real show of very high cultural and interdisciplinary content (Music – Images – Ecology – Literature).
“Oceans” last album by Riccardo Ascani, Los Angeles (CA) Academy Award winner for ambient / instrumental music genre is played during the track track track
The first song “Cuentos de la sirena” tells us in the music of the sirens as we are described in the Odyssey, in the second track “Reflejos theme” the sweet melodies of the guitar and the arpeggios remind us of a short poem by Federico Garcia Lorca : “The Sea, Smiles From Away, Teeth Of Teeth … Lips Of Heaven”, The Third Song “Mar del Caribe” is inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s novel “The Old and the Sea” set in the Caribbean of Cuba The fourth song “Oceans” describes how one single ocean, the Panthalassa, has evolved, thanks to the drift of the continents the present, Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Ocean, the fifth “Mistral” song tells us about the Maestral the wind that the ancients Romans called “Magistralis” as Master and Despot of the Mediterranean, the sixth song “Last Whale” condemns the ruthless hunt for whales and Cetaceans in general, a hunt that has led some species such as Gray whale at high risch I’m extinction, the seventh song “Red Sea” describes us the Red Sea, the sea of ​​the Old Testament, bridge between millennia cultures and today place of high risk for political and religious reasons. He concludes the album “The Odyssey’s Mind”, which wants to describe Ulysses’ nostalgia feeling in music, while still representing the kind explorer, the man thirsting for new knowledge and adventures, would like to return to his land, Ithaca and re-enact His beloved Penelope. The opening of the concert is then performed with a song titled “Atlantis” that through the guitar arpeggios and the melodies of the sax imagines the legendary submerged city told by Plato in the dialogues Timeo and Crizia in the 4th century BC

Guitar Roberto Ippoliti
Guitar Riccardo Ascani
Piano Riccardo Magni
Percussion Paolo Monaldi
Sax Antonio Aucello

via dei
The territory of the Cimini Mountains is one of the most fascinating and ideal places to watch the starry sky
In Lazio. Our Astronomical Tourist Animation activities are perfect for attracting new ones
Visitor flows through innovative and respectful nature activities.
Astronomitaly proposes itself as a partner of excellence for the “Night of Candles” in a marriage
Perfect with attention to sustainable lighting that favors the vision of the
On the occasion of the Night of Candles we propose “A jump between the stars”.
In particular, the following sessions / activities can be performed:
Observation of the Stars with Telescopes: Observation of the Stars, the Planets, the Moon
And the Milky Way with the telescope and the guidance of our experts. On moon nights and visibility
Of planets, guests can take photos from the telescope with their smartphone. The
Switching off the lights from the location can greatly enhance the observation and will have
A media resonance in favor of environmental sustainability.

Lo Candelario Viterbese (The vitreous candleholder)
colle a sole
Ceraio medievale

Duo Country Diamonds of Dust
By the sun
Country, Country-Rock, Folk, Irish Folk, Bluegrass, Blues, Romantic Ballads

Noise Traffic
Via dei Cellari
It is a project conceived and composed by Marcello Balena and Genky Pelorosso.
As opposed to the classic sound of the wind instrument, electronic sounds come exclusively from a smartphone. The show mixes the delicate sound of sax with electronic music works ranging from pure industrial noise to oriental melodies. Much room is allowed for improvisation: you will never see the same concert twice.

Los 3 Saltos
Via colle a frio
A modern, metropolitan pirate vessel lurks in the ingenious tarmac of the city of Rome, immersed in the surreal silence of its urban night. Two sirens sing a song on the bow deck, a bass accompanies, a string guitar on the strings, the bass dislodges its carpet, the percussion strikes and a grungy piano kicks on the melody … the chorus of the seven handpiece is rising more and more Strong as the boat grabs the townships of the townships and slides into the deepest suburbs, at the mercy of civilization. A romance sound “misticance” rises: cumbia, murga, power-folk meticcio, wild songwriter and south-european sonido.
Los3saltos as a wave that breaks over the granite cliffs of the Mediterranean or the tropical beaches of South America, overwhelms and overthrows, drags away everything that it encounters and breaks the chains of the monotony of the genres.
Los3saltos was born in Rome in December 2010 combining Murga, Cumbia, Italian folk, Reggae and Latin American rhythms. Murcia Porteña is an expression of Argentina’s Argentine carnival characterized by percussion, dance and critique-satirical songs. Their texts deal with most of the social themes mixed with the constant presence of Murga, stories that have as the conductor a social and political message, being the group a riddle of the murders Los Adoquines de Spartaco, then the well-known social center of Quadraro , Spartaco.
The band searches for alternative spaces for a cultural expression through their own songs. A Los3saltos show-performance is a overwhelming explosion of music with powerful percussion, melodic and deep bass guitars, inexhaustible energy and continuous movement. The young Italian band that best interprets the sign of “esta”.
In July 2015, they released “S3S”, their new album of 12 original tracks recorded at the Gnagnotech Studio of San Lorenzo, Rome. An LP that shows a jump in quality and a maturity compared to their previous work, “LOS3SALTOS”, a 6-track EP “true” and sincere. “S3S” is a real discography product, housed in it in the slightest detail by artist Laura Cionci, who in the booklet is part of his work related to the “Carnevalma” project in collaboration with Los3saltos. The album also includes the participation of the young talented rap rapist Morris Gola (Pugni in Tasca) and the singer-musician-interpreter-producer-master of circus games Adriano Bono, “mentor” of the group n from his dawn.

Thomas Valente and the Maldestra Orchestra
Via colle a frio
Thomas Valente and The Maldestra Orchestra is a project that is born in the street, from passion and love to music, all round. A music sharing project, ranging from funky influences, reggae, folk, dance. “Dance with me” is the motto that traveled through the streets and squares of Rome, Milan and Bologna. “The Orchestra” consists of: a Synth, a Guitar, a Cajon and various Percussions, all seasoned in a Loop Station, essential accessory to give life to instrumental pieces. “The Orchestra” is in continuous motion.

Children’s area curated by Armakà Animation
via caduti di nassirya

The kingdom of ice and flowers
Republic square

Tamburellists of Torre Paduli, the midnight pinch
Republic square
The group resumes the music that heals the tarantas (the “bartendered” by the mythical spider cobwebs) by melancholy and is inspired by the grandiose traditions of the tambourine and dance-fencing of Torrepaduli (Ruffano-Lecce), where he lives every year (August 15) An ancient culture linked to the San Rocco Sanctuary. The success of the Tamburellists, in the end, also contributes to the new, dramatic growth of the San Rocco party. The Torrepaduli Tamburellists have the collaboration of Paolo Pellegrino, professor of aesthetics, and Antonio Anchora, ambassador of Hellenism in the world. They also recover the so-called Grecìa salentina, a language that survived after Magnificent colonization and Byzantine domination, singing some significant songs and writing new ones. But all Salento can be considered culturally Greek and it is just the pinch pinch that, by itself, for its structure and functions, embodies the ancient Greek conceptions. Torrepaduli also boasts well-defined Greek-Byzantine origins. So the art of the Tamburellists, despite the fact that a contemporary collocation, which De Giorgi strongly claims, has a Greek flavor: dancers and musicians really look like satyrs and menadas of a thionious Dionysian. Singing, which combines authentic poetry and good musical vibrations, is no different from that of aedi.

Simone Gamberi
largo trento
Young songwriter Simone Gamberi (Montefiascone 1989) discovers the passion for music at the age of 13 but is in the year when she graduates at the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia as a trumpet professor, who officially begins her musical career. After a growing series of live shows that see him protagonist, on 1 May 2011, Simone will be on stage for the opening of the Mannarino concert, while in 2014 will open the Nobraino, Monica Hill and Piero Pelù, present at Viterbo on the occasion of “Caffeine”. In 2015 he is among the best in Sanremo Giovani, even though he does not arrive at the stage of Ariston with his first single in the “Country Town” competition. In 2016, he continues publishing three more tracks: “Time”, “The 4 Hard” and “Distratta”. The live shows are constantly rising and with the output of the song “Italiota”, Simone invites “his people” – so affectionately the songwriter calls his fans – to follow him on the tour carrying the tricolor flag; To unite even more people who love it. His gift and desire to tell the world and reality, let him give life to the song “Entrepreneur”, a piece that he presented at the final of the contest “From the Stornello al Rap” in October 2016. On December 8 came out Track “Big Bang”: The piece that gave birth to the 2016 tour was only presented at the end, as it was chosen for the Sanremo Giovani selections. In February 2017, the new tour “Waiting I Am Me” began, in collaboration with Angelo Deiana. The same album includes several shows: The Three Dogs, Noemi Fiorucci, Aurora Proietti and Giorgia Nicolamme. In March 2017 Simone comes to the final selection to play at the Concert of May 1 in Rome. The summer tour sees it engaging in several evenings in the area of ​​Viterbo and in other cities of Lazio and beyond.
Tour “Waiting I Am I”
The new tour, “Waiting for Me, is me – so called because waiting for the album Io Io Io – see on stage the new band formed during a period of collaborations and events, composed by: Vincenzo Icastico, Elena Fratini, Simone Buzi, Roberta Sperduti , And Roberto Vittori, Dario Martellini, Maurizio Gregori, Noemi Fiorucci and Stefano Capocecera. Throughout the tour, Simone and her band will present the album that will be released in October and will include songs from the greatest Italian songwriters: Celentano, Mannarino, Paolo Conte, Vinicio Capossela, Max Gazzè and Modena City Ramblers.

Starligh dance party
Square frying pan
Area disco

Hip Hop Area
Viale trieste

A Tamtum Marching Band
via della pieve

Urban Vibes
Via Agostini
Urban Vibes. 609 likes. Urban Vibes brings together in a single synergy different projects to blend varied sounds into a unique and addictive musical / performative cluster

Pietro Benedetti in singing transuming – itinerant

Market of the ancient Farnese workshops – Madonna del Ruscello square

Simone Baggiani – colle a sole



Historic centre of Vallerano
  Free entry for residents
Entrance fee € 5,00 full
Open-air ticket office at 18.00
Pre-order € 6,00
Pre-order to the site:

Official website:
FB Page:

The shuttle service from the parking lot will be activated at the entrance of the event.



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