When Danilo Rea plays the piano and Gino Paoli tells about feelings and passion in his own way, you can’t avoid mirroring in this fragile and powerful humanity. Some music make you feel embraced and the Santa Severa Castle concert involved everybody. Notes and songs on the stage draw the shared poetic, a strong artistical union lasting for many years. “Two like us, that…” is the concert’s title, but also an affinity declaration, that likes the audience more and more.

“I always wander: why am I here? To sing, because it gives me emotions and I hope that this reaches also you.”

The atmosphere becomes hot with the most popular songs of the ligurian songwriter and the pianist solo, but the tribute to the lost friends and to the Naples’ song are also of great intensity. After unique songs such as “Time after time” and “Vivere ancora” they dedicate a parenthesis to the feeling of loss, that of dear people lost during life.

“What you give is what remains and memory can become a song”

The voice alternates to the piano to remember Geneva friends’ singers like De Andrè and Tenco with “Bocca di Rosa” and “Vedrai, vedrai”. There was also a tribute to Naples’ music, that is considered one of the three ancestors of the modern music together with lyric and jazz.
Well, according to the audience reaction in the Court in front of the sea they succeeded in their intention, to taste tradition and modernity with emotion. 

Face to face with Gino Paoli

Which is your favorite song?
“No, It is impossible to choose one song. It is like the page of a book or the day of a life. You can’t choose, it is a story.”

How was your duo born?
“By chance, it was not a planned project. We were playing in a group but one night only the two of us went out and it was appreciated. Than we had a first concert where we found 5000 people, this was the beginning, notwithstanding us. It is such a magical thing…we are synchronous, we have a similar mind about music and harmony. We move like we were one.”

Is it a professional love declaration?
“Yes, a professional love declaration.”

You care about environment, what do you think of this location in the Santa Severa Castle?
“What is lacking today is respect. It is necessary to teach respect towards human beings, nature, the sea and our history. If someone takes care of this, it is ok.” 






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