“The promised life” part II the sequel to an Italian story

The notes of song “Amapola” still filled the press room of Viale Mazzini while the cast of the Rai fiction “The promised life” made its entrance to small change like a class of young students in the university’s lecture hall.
In the chair were Eleonora Andreatta Director of Rai Fiction, Stefano Coletta Director of Rai 1, Ricky Tognazzi, the director, Simona Izzo and Franco Bernini who adapted the screenplay by Laura Toscano and Franco Marotta alongside the radiant Luisa Ranieri or “Carmela Izzo ”The matriarch protagonist of the series.
The great popular novel falls within the homes of Italians as well as in the series that have changed the history of the television imagery with strong but at the same time very real female characters.
The episode that I saw on the screen goes back to the American promise was asked by popular acclaim by several million spectators who identified themselves in the characters of the first series.
The account of the feelings offered by the public service refers to the “freedom to look at others without prejudice”, an inconvenience that women all over the world know very well.
Thus opens the Director of Rai 1 describing the Sunday schedule of 2020 with this courageous connotation as Donna Carmen who escapes one of the most complex periods of “American” life focusing on the survival of her large family.
The fiction that we will see is therefore the result of a choral work that sees the economic crisis, the problems of emigration and those of anti-Semitism represented in the events of this complex family, making universal the underlying message of love as the only force that can pull us a hindrance to life’s difficulties.
The whole work could be defined as a splendid photograph of those years but the Italians in the world will not be able to date the experience because for many the family bond that identifies them has never dissolved. The story narrated in the fiction is their narration that of the Italian community abroad which crystallizes for good or evil the main characteristics of our citizens.
They are also all beautiful and talented but it could not be otherwise speaking of a work group that has managed to excite millions of viewers.
From 2020, Sunday 23 February the fiction “The promised life” resumes … on Rai 1 I promised you!

A co-production Rai Fiction-Picomedia– DIRECTION Ricky Tognazzi

ARTISTIC CASTLuisa Ranieri, Thomas Trabacchi; Francesco Arca; Miriam Dalmazio; Vittorio Magazzù; Giuseppe Spata; Francesca Di Maggio ; Emilio Fallarino; Primo Reggiani; Marcello Mazzarella; Arturo Muselli; Stefano Dionisi; Eleonora Giovanardi; Brenno Placido; Antonio Avella; Sara Ciocca; Demetra Bellina; Anna Rot; Emanuele Salce; Rosanna Sapia; Miriam Cappa; Ciro Petrone; Antonio Monsellato; Bianca Panconi.

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