Laura Pausini heroine and defender of the Italian GLBT community

“Io cosi simile a te – “I’m so similar to you
Liberi e prigionieri della stessa gabbia – Free and prisoners of the same cage
Io cosi simile a te – I’m so similar to you
Un bacio in fronte e dopo sulle labbra – A kiss in front and then on the lips
La meraviglia di essere simili – The wonder of being similar
La tenerezza di essere simili – The tenderness to be similar
La commozione per essere simili…” – The emotion to be similar … “

Simili, it is the song that Laura Pausini has dedicated to the GLBT world and to the struggles against social discrimination of any kind.

Striking straight to the heart the words that the Italian Pop Star par excellence, now famous and acclaimed around the world, says about gay unions, even claims not to have married with his partner, with whom he has lived for many years, out of respect verse those people who do not have the right in Italy to join in marriage, because they love people of the same sex, or who can not adopt children because they are discriminated against by their sexual orientation!
For Laura Pausini, love is an equal right for everyone … just like in the eyes of God, every man seems equal and without any difference … for this reason he can not understand the hostility that the Church has in compare who is different.

Although she is Christian because of the values ​​that have taught him since she was a child, Laura can not understand how much inequality and discrimination exists within the Church, not only towards gays but towards anyone, even towards women!
Then he pauses to make a reflection on the 10 commandments … and defines impossible that God could give certain commandments as “you will have no other God besides me!” Because if God is absolute love he does not oblige anyone to worship him, proclaiming himself the emperor of humanity!
Laura Pausini’s words in favor of the Italian GLBT community, open a hope for something in our country to change and guarantee the same rights for everyone!

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