For the section “ Italy in Dance “, today our photographs keep us telling the beautiful city of Lecco , together with the talented dancer and teacher of dance Erika Negri, to whom I owe special thanks for her skill and sympathy.
Lecco is a Lombard city that overlooks the eastern branch of Lake Como , just “ That branch of Lake Como ” made famous by Alessandro Manzoni who chose some areas of Lecco to set the story of “ The Betrothed “.
In some of the buildings in the narration, such as the home of Don Rodrigo , a villa located at the top of Mount Zucco in a panoramic point on Mandello del Lario .
There are two reports about the possible houses of Lucia , in the same simple style of Lecco and with a wooden gallery. The first in Olate , which is a private house and not open to visitors, while the second is in Arquate and this year is an inn. to the church of Don Abbondio , with its fifteenth-century bell tower and the view of the Don Rodrigo Palace .
Another beautiful point of interest is the lakeside promenade which winds for several kilometers, embracing the entire coastal area of ​​Lecco that goes from S. Stefano to the war memorial , in the larger part of the same.
The landscape along the Lecco lakeside offers different views of the lake and the surrounding mountains, and each has its own charm.
Starting from the center, in particular from the central Piazza Cermenati , on the left we proceed towards the platform on the lake the war memorial , while on the right we can walk along the walk to the longest stretch of the lakefront, which leads up to the S. Stefano area .
The historic center instead extends parallel to the shore of the lake and offers nineteenth-century architecture , visible in the arcade of piazza XX Settembre and in some buildings in the center . To open and close the historic center there are two squares that distinguish Lecco in different ways. On the left and clearly visible, because it overlooks the lake, we have a Piazza Cermenati , with the monument dedicated to Mario Cermenati , behind which we discover the stairway leading to Basilica di San Nicolò , characterized by the imposing meter-shaped bell tower from which you can admire the lake at a height of 96 meters. The bell tower is the second highest in Italy and among the highest in Europe.
At the other extreme instead, at the end of the central Via Roma, you can find the monument to Alessandro Manzoni , who with his literary work made Lecco as famous as the city of the Betrothed.


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