Mantova in Dance

In this adventure for the “Italy in Dance” column, my photographs are dedicated to one of the most beautiful (and crowded) Italian cities I have ever seen, Mantova, named Italian of culture in 2016.
For the occasion and to my great joy, I was able to have the collaboration of the talented dancer and model Elisa Storti, with whom I had previously worked and with excellent results, in Verona. I owe her a very special thanks, her poses are a hymn to elegance and have contributed decisively to making one of my best photo sessions ever.
After this necessary introduction, we can begin to tell our Mantova in Danza, starting from the main and most famous entrance, that of the San Giorgio bridge, from which to admire the contours of the city on the horizon, in particular the Castle of San Giorgio and the beautiful dome of St. Andrew, but also medieval towers and bell towers that are reflected in the waters of the lake.
Indeed, Mantua is surrounded on three sides by as many artificial lakes as the Mincio, Lake Superior, Lake Mezzo and Lake Inferiore, three stretches of water that give it a distinctive feature, making it look like a city like the Goddess Venus, born from the waters.
The city experienced its heyday in Renaissance times, in fact under the lordship of the Gonzagas, Mantua became one of the main centers of the Renaissance in Italy and in Europe. Evidence of the time is the Castle of San Giorgio, the Ducal Palace which houses the famous Camera degli Sposi decorated with frescoes by Andrea Mantegna, the Basilica of Sant’Andrea designed by Leon Battista Alberti and Palazzo Te, a place of leisure of the Gonzaga, known for the Sala dei Giganti, where every surface is covered with paintings of mythological scenes.
For a different trip, you can reach Mantua also by bicycle, through the long Peschiera cycle path, a track that runs along the Mincio between hills, woods and enchanted villages in a truly fairytale landscape.

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