Vigevano in Danza

Today’s place for our dance photographs is Vigevano, a Lombard municipality in the province of Pavia. Vigevano, known for having long been one of the main shoe manufacturing centers in the world, but above all it is a town rich in history and architecture, so much so that in 1,494 it was indicated by Leonardo da Vinci as the ideal city to host the Duke of Milan Ludovico the Moor …
Among its most famous points of interest there is surely the Piazza Ducale, considered one of the most beautiful squares in Italy and a great example of architectural perfection, wanted by Ludovico il Moro, to be the antechamber to the entrance to the imposing Sforza Castle. The ducal square is a perfect place for our dance photographs, and my special thanks goes to them, beautiful, very good, a privilege to work with you (in alphabetical order):
• Alice Palmieri
• Alessandra Pasini
• Federica Varallo
The construction of the square dates back to 1492, the works lasted about two years and saw the design intervention by Bramante, while Leonardo da Vinci, present at the work, drew inspiration for some drawings contained in his codes. Each element, from the porticoes to the pavement, to the columns, has been designed harmoniously and as soon as you enter the square you immediately have an impression of rationality and magnificence, even more noticeable if you look at it from the top going up the Tower of Bramante.
The Tower is a symbol of Vigevano, located at the highest point of the town with its characteristic shape, offering from its battlements a complete and very suggestive overview of the square, the castle and the entire city. The Castle is connected to its stables through two roads: the covered one, perfectly preserved and one of a kind in all the European castle architecture and the underground road that allows you to admire the historical and functional stratifications of the defensive complex. And finally you can rest in the castle gardens, very often theater of beautiful events and concerts. Vigevano is really a beautiful city, just visit it once so that it remains in the heart.

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