Ortigia a wonderful experience

The town of Ortigia and Syracuse behind it deserve a trip but if our experience has been wonderful we owe it to our guests and their ability to listen. The two brothers of the @Bedandbros, making available to the Camemi house, have satisfied the different needs of two elderly parents, one of whom is disabled: wonders!
These finely restored spaces in central locations are complemented by logistical motivations that do not demerit for the splendid Camemi house. Walking with just a few steps you can reach the cathedral, the sea, a museum, a cafe, several restaurants, supermarkets, ATMs and everything else you might need when you take a vacation home!
With the “Syracuse to love” shuttle you can go around the island of Ortigia and continue to Syracuse to see the ear of Dionysus or the Paolo Orsi archaeological museum.
Our guests addressing us to Casa Camemi have made the difference, making our stay very pleasant they have helped us to choose the best for us by always addressing and advising us with great discretion.
Ortigia with its blinding light, the reflection of the sea and the salty air looks like a favor forgotten by Camilleri, for modesty of overdoing it.
Too “bellina o bellilla” Ortigia as they would say in Sicily to be set in a single story; there is the history of the whole country and of many Mediterranean peoples on this island.
The landscape refreshes the soul and the agriculture and fishing of the city give structure to one of the most delicious kitchens in the world Sicilian cuisine.
Princes, magnates, prelates and artists followed one another in his palaces, seeking refuge and inspiration, as did Michelangelo da Merisi, known as “Caravaggio”, who escaped by leaving behind a beautiful painting on the burial of Saint Lucia …
From the mammoth Doric temple, the Duomo has been created, from the Castle of Federico II, the “Palazzo Bellomo” Museum, where we also find the Annunciation by Antonello da Messina, which we all know from art books.
Archeology myth and history of Ortigia still attract artists and tourists from all over the world, so many are the fantastic stories that can be attributed to this island.
I visited Ortigia and Syracuse in the spring with variable weather and rough seas and the architectural and artistic jewels held in the buildings of this city did not make me regret the beaches that I did not live … I will be back soon to finish my personal Odyssey with the friends of the @bedandbross to be my navigator!

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