Made in Italy guidelines: the video of the Italian dieticians

Having to make the food shopping list why not ask an expert?
Italy is in quarantine, Europe is in quarantine and the World Health Organization has declared the pandemic, while in every family on the planet one wonders with what criteria we can optimize food spending, which can no longer be daily.
The distancing between individuals complicates even the simplest gestures, so I asked professionals to help me outline a shopping guide that can be useful to everyone.

In the video, doctors Monica Maj, Elena Afanasyeva, Federica Grandi e Sandra Catarsi touch on important points that can help anyone to reconsider their pantry in function of the quarantine.
The hygiene tips, the unique dishes and the attention to programming the menu have been conceived in an international key as the spread of the Corona Virus that knows no barriers. The experience of the professionals involved is made in Italy, loaned free of charge and registered by some of the first Italian red areas.

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