Cellular aging risk: locked in the house we do not confuse the mind through Social

Careful not to get old any faster…. in the days when we are forced at home, the risk of being informed exclusively through social networks is very high, the cancellation of direct personal relationships can deceive our minds and put us in a state of confusion that risks triggering processes of aging and cellular degeneration.

Let’s listen to the advice of doctor Osvaldo Sponzilli, specialized in anti-aging therapies, considered by many a luminary in his field:

Be careful following the internet social networks, we find everything and the opposite of everything: the conspiracy theory, economic warfare, electromagnetic waves, 5G, the bat and whoever has more of it. This confuses the mind by taking away so much energy. One must find the connection with one’s internal reference, the Self, and remain connected with it. On the outside we can only see the state of affairs without immersing ourselves in them. We see that it exists, but we remain in our inner reality which is the only true one. The virus exists and is external and at the same time internal to us, I don’t even think it is our real enemy, it depends on the terrain it finds. Viruses are particles of DNA and RNA that have been coming into contact with living forms on earth for millions of years to send a signal, a transformation, an evolutionary adaptation to the species, this often causes, as we are seeing, even harmful events. Virologists and some clinicians say that they are useless for vitamin D, probiotics, beta glucans etc. because like all modern specialist medicine they are blind to the complex organization of the human being and ignore or pretend to ignore the PNEI system on which our physiological and electromagnetic balance depends. It is no coincidence that the highest mortality rate is among the immunodepressed, hypertensive, cardiopathic and cancer patients in whom the PNEI system has unfortunately been unbalanced for some time. If we continue to masturbate with possible theories we give space to the mind to emit millions of thoughts that lower our defenses and do not allow us the connection with our Self, only he is solid and immutable and must be our constant reference. Every time we look for external references we can enter into a deep crisis. Let us remember that the mind often lies, our Self never lies is our maximum wealth that is given to us at the moment of conception and that we often forget taken from the thousand thoughts of the rational mind. This moment when we are finally forced to stop, we do not allow our mind to boycott us with millions of thoughts that lower our energy.

Dr. Osvaldo Sponzilli

In this period of coronavirus pandemic Professor Sponzilli receives for Urgencies and Acupuncture and Pain Therapy only on Tuesdays and Thursdays by appointment. In the other days it is possible to have medical consultations and/or emotional psychotherapy and EMDR on line according to the modalities reported on Sponzilli.it website: https://sponzilli.it/terapia-online/
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