In these hard times, each of us has inevitably been led to look for “extra” resources in order to be able to face the situation of constant emergency that still continues to loom over humanity.
The interruption of the daily routine has destabilized us, triggering that movement of attention from outside to inside that is commonly known as: introspection.
As Socrates and other great masters have thought us, to know ourselves is essential to be able to face life in a better way.
By looking inside ourselves, what do we see? Fear, anguish, uncertainty, tension, stress? If we have perceived at least one of these emotions as our own, then the following meditation could be useful to us.


Whenever we have to face an important test or a difficult situation or even simply every morning, before throwing ourselves into the accelerated pace of a working or study life, which every day puts us in front of little and big responsibilities and more or less delicate situations, this meditation can be useful to free us from all the worries and anxieties that torment us due to the imminent future and thus start the day by “connecting the plug”, that is connecting us with that inexhaustible energy, which by recharging us allows us to feel relaxed and dynamic, thoughtless but at the same time perfectly lucid and aware, so that “to catch the moment” can become our normal state, in which we perceive the “magic” and beauty of reality as it is, in an eternal present.


The energy that has an extraordinary power and makes all this possible, resides in the sacrum of every human being, wrapped in three and a half coils and it is called in Sanskrit “Kundalini”. This energy, like a mother, takes care of our energy centers, the chakras, from which derives our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. As soon as activated, thanks to this simple meditation technique, developed by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the kundalini brings us, spontaneously and gradually, to a state of balance and serenity, without requiring efforts of concentration or complex gymnastic exercises, nor any particular form of display.


Let’s sit comfortably in front of the screen, with the hands open upwards, on the knees, in a receptive position, let’s close our eyes and enter into meditation state. Let’s put our attention inside ourselves for a few minutes, let’s forget about all the rest… We first bring both our hands on the ground or, if we are on a chair, place the fingers facing the Mother Earth, leaving the arms dangling at the sides, without stiffness. Let’s try to establish a relationship with it, as if Mother Earth were a living being, so let’s say: “Mother earth, I leave to you all my tensions, all my heaviness, please make me light … please take away everything that oppresses me and that does not allow me to rejoice “. Now let’s take a deep breath, hold our breath for a few seconds and then throw out all the air … so let’s get out of breath for a few moments and then breathe again … let’s do it a few times and then returning to natural breathing let’s try to feel our love for the Mother earth: “Mother, I thank you as you can absorb all that is negative in me and at the same time you give us your fruits, flowers and greenery, which rests my gaze and oxygenates my thought”.



Now let’s return with the hands on the knees and place the left hand on the right groin, in the Swadisthana chakra and speaking to the Kundalini energy in its maternal aspect we say: “Mother, please purify my attention, I leave to you all my anger, all my aggression feelings and all my worries… please cool down my liver, absorb all my heat ”. In this way all the hyperactivity due to our thoughts, which inevitably involves our internal organs, calms down and a new freshness flows from our being, followed by new calm that, accompanied by Kundalini, progressively makes its way between our chakras, radiating them with a new force.


Then we return to the starting position, with the hands open on the knees and we put the right hand on the belly, on the left, under the ribs. Here lies our principle of the “inner teacher”, when this quality is put to the test, in view of an important event, such as an exam, a job interview, a sports performance or any other fact that requires particular involvement, it is essential to identify ourselves with our majesty which is ready to express itself in all its greatness. So let’s say for 10 times: “Mother, I am my own master”. We feel that satisfaction and a new peace gradually flow into us like a stream, whose source is right in our Nabhi chakra, at the navel level, so we ask: “Mother, give me peace, give me satisfaction” , so we become one with this flow, let our thoughts flow … if there is a storm outside we do not care, the mirror of our inner lake is calm, without ripples and it reflects our Self, let’s drink from this clear source and finally quench our thirst.


Now let us put the right hand on the heart, we have reached the goal, we have reached the spirit, let us identify ourselves completely with it, we pronounce 12 times: “Mother, I am the spirit.” We feel how these words act on our heart, which literally opens, and in equal measure we too open ourselves to the light of this new reality, this is our essence, everything else loses its importance, the veil of illusion disappears and the bliss pervades our whole being.


We move the right hand to the center of the chest, in this area resides our inner Mother, who protects us from all external attacks and envelops us in her safe refuge, infusing us with her own strength, we feel how the Kundalini, ascending to this point, destroys all our negativities, all our insecurities, so we can now pronounce: “Mother, give me security in myself, come into my heart and destroy all my fears, all my anxieties as they do not exist”, our spirit in fact is indestructible and eternal, it is the reflection of God in us and when we become one with our Self, nothing can disturb us anymore, we anchor ourselves firmly to this truth and we are ready to face all the storms unleashed by our ego and our conditionings by emerging victorious.



Let us then put our hand on our forehead, let us completely abandon our head to the hand that supports it and simply say: “Mother, I forgive everything, I forgive everyone and I also forgive myself, I leave to you all my past and all my future”. We may now witness that our thoughts, which come from the past and the future, begin to loose their importance and like clouds thin out, with the same simplicity of a child who pushes the locks of his hair away from his forehead, we too massage temples and we offer to mother earth our ego that projected us towards the future and our super ego that tormented us as the past.


Finally, we put our hand on the fontanel area, and we massage the scalp for seven times in a clockwise direction. Let’s now ask to the Mother Kundalini, with all our desire: “Mother, please give me the Yoga, the union with nature, make me one with the Whole, grant me the state of present… let me perceive myself as part of the universe”. Let us leave our hand still, for a few moments here on the Sahasrara chakra. We have reached the garden where the thousand-petalled lotus flower resides, we can thank for getting till here, to this goal desired by so many seekers of truth in all ages, with all means, efforts and sufferings and reached by a few … now the spontaneous yoga has taken place, the enlightenment has been reached, we have been led beyond the mind by a skillful hand…

Now let’s go back to the initial position and with our palms open we remain to absorb the ambrosia, these fresh vibrations that like sun rays enter us and we enter into them in this endless circle, in this story of cosmic love.

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