On Tuesday the 14th, at the Corsini Gallery in Rome, opened the photographic exhibition “Robert Mapplethorpe. L’obiettivo sensible”, by Flaminia Gennari Santori. A selection of 45 works, on the thirtieth anniversary of the American artist’s death (1946 — 1989).

This event adds to his current retrospectives: at the New York’s Guggenheim and at the Naples’ Mother Museum. The mix between the museum, a Baroque and Reinassence Gallery, and the classical artistic expression here celebrated activates an unusual interaction among visitors, works and the Gallery environment. This is the first time that Mappelthorpe’s masterpieces are shown in an Art Gallery beside historical paintings and sculptures, amazingly similar for form and content.


The works of the exhibition deal with still-life studies, landscapes, classic statues and Renaissance composition. Mapplethorpe, controversial and revolutionary artist of the second end of the Twentieth Century, was looking for “Perfection in the shape” and beauty. The Reinassance composition of contemporary elements was one of his main points, where symmetry, light and harmony triumph on the subject. An illusory contradiction, a mix between past and present, that first let you astonished and then raise unexpected connections.


The choice of the curator to base the exhibition on the artist collecting attitude of historical pictures together with his companion Sam Wagstaff is linked to the amazing collection of the Photography Department at the Getty Museum.

The artist is well known all over the world for the celebrities studio pictures Andy Warhol, Deborah Harry, Patti Smith e Amanda Lear: sadomasochist subjects and male nude studies, except for the wonderful woman nude series of the bodybuilder Lisa Lyon.

PLACE: Roma, Galleria Corsini, via della Lungara, 10
OPENED: 15 marzo – 30 giugno 2019
TIME: mercoledì/lunedì 8.30- 19.00. La biglietteria chiude alle 18.30
CLOSURE: martedì
BARBERINI CORSINI TICKET: 12 € (Ten days validity for Palazzo Barberini and Galleria Corsini).

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