Parma in dance

Parma is a university city of Emilia-Romagna, famous among other things for Parmesan and ham. We took our photographs in November 2018, as usual to move from Milan I used the train that all in all remains my favorite means of transport.
Arrived at the station in Parma I met my models of the day, two fantastic guys Chiara and Davide, masters in a particular discipline, AcroEmotionYoga, a process that offers the person the tools to free their potential and to get rid of what keeps her anchored at a lower level than itself. In pratia, what is unblocked and discovered in Acro’s practice, moves to everyday life, opening the possibility of achieving things that were unbelievable until then, both in body and in life ( For those wishing to deepen after seeing our beautiful photographs, at the end of the article I report a brief study, as explained to me by Chiara and Davide.
We arrived in Parma near lunch time and what better occasion to taste the local ham. We entered one of the many bars near the station, where we had the pleasure of meeting a very nice girl, Giada, who after having served a great sandwich, intrigued by our work and having just finished her, she offered to accompany us on the way towards the city center to be able to follow the shooting.
In a few minutes we reached the majestic Palazzo della Pilotta, so called by the game of the pelota that was played in one of the courtyards. We took our photographs surrounded by a large audience of schoolchildren on a trip, then we continued the journey over the beautiful Giuseppe Verdi bridge and walking along the torrent Parma we reached the central road Massimo d’Azeglio, where we could complete the photo shoot before to return to the station for the return trip and prepare the next, also follow me on my instagram profile to stay updated. (@ Gioma.balletphotography)


As anticipated, I report a short explanatory text on the discipline AcroEmotionYoga, in particular the body speaks and expresses concepts and information constantly. The signals are there to be heard and to guide us in the right direction, for example when we are deeply absorbed by an emotion we become blind to the signals and information that is transmitted to us. In these cases we respond in an instinctive way and we are not consciously choosing how to act. whether to let emotion control our actions or be lucid and choose how to act.This is the awareness that is often talked about in yoga. Meeting and interaction with another person help us bring these emotions to the surface. and to have the opportunity to observe them. With practice, to remain calm and present, it becomes easier and easier, opening the possibility to listen and observe oneself and the other. The physical part of AcroEmotionYoga is Art, Co-creation, Listening, Synergy, Strength and Technique. Our bodies can do much more than what our mind likes to believe, there are no real limits, only the discovery of how to keep the mind calm, the body releases its potential and its intuitive wisdom. When we are in this state everything becomes possible, the repetitive paths we have in our lives and physical practices are broken and everything becomes simple, obvious, enjoyable and fun.

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