Piacenza in Dance

Piacenza is a particular city, although in Emilia-Romagna it is actually located at the crossroads between four italian regions and it has been a fundamental stopover for travelers and merchants through the centuries.
Easily reachable by train from Milan, for work reasons we had to plan the photo shoot at the beginning of February and the cold was particularly felt, uncomfortable situation for a model in a dance dress.

At the train station I met Nivine, the model of the day and together we started to walk to the old town with a walk of about 20 minutes. As usual along the way I often stop to observe details in the buildings and streets that may be interesting for my photographs. On these occasions I always have the expression of a happy child who observes the world for the first time, and in reality it is so, I see streets, squares, passers-by like the white canvas, ready to be painted or as in this case, photographed .

We walked along Viale Alberoni to get to Piazza del Duomo which in medieval times, until the construction of Piazza Cavalli and the Gothic Palace, was the center of civil and religious life in the city. Accomplice the very clear day we found Piazza del Duomo too bright to allow you to take creative photographs according to my personal technique, which provides a large aperture diaphragm. The best thing would have been to come back in the late afternoon, when with the sun near sunset the light would have been much more flattering towards the model and towards the same square. Unfortunately due to the cold we had to stop the session continuously to allow the model to warm up in the many bars that we met and with the occasion I thank all the managers always very kind and helpful. This can happen also among the unexpected, but at least before stopping the photographic session, we managed to get to the beautiful and wide Piazza dei Cavalli, where there are two equestrian statues and the medieval Gothic palace.
I returned to Milan with a sense of unfinished, a pity, I promised myself to return as soon as possible, the city offers many photographic opportunities and I intend to use as much as possible, follow me on my instagram profile to stay updated (@gioma .balletphotography).

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