Turin in Dance

The city of Turin becomes a great dance stage

The creation of artistic photos in an urban environment requires the evaluation of many factors, nothing can be left to chance because everything has to blend perfectly, just like a recipe for the preparation of a tasty dish.
The ingredients we can choose them, for example the location, the route, the time, the photographic equipment, a very good model, the outfit, the trick and all factors that will influence the final result in a decisive way.
Then there are the ingredients to surprise, those that you can not predict and risk ruining everything, a strong wind that suddenly blows, a passerby that comes out suddenly, a guardian too severe, the shoes lost by the dancer (.. it happened also this ..) etc. The sudden difficulties always happen, what makes the difference is our ability to quickly turn them into opportunities and is the part that I prefer in this work.

If you want to try to take some kind of street photographs, I would like to suggest the historic center of Turin that I find one of the most rich in ideas, for its squares and wide streets, families walking, historical monuments, the tracks of trams, they are all ideas to use at will in your photographs.
For my travels I almost always use the train, the route I prefer includes the departure from the Torino Porta Nuova station by walking through the city center to then get to the Porta Susa station, with a small detour to see the Valentino Park and the long river of the Po with the Superga mountain on the horizon.

Council, in the case of particularly sunny days avoid photographs in central times as the light will be direct and the shadows very hard, more rewarding will be the early morning light or sunset.
So, once you have chosen the right place for photography, we pose the model to take our picture, check for a moment that there are no trash bins immediately behind and decide if we want to include or not passers in the photo, because it is a sure rule: in the affirmative there will be nobody for a lot, a lot of time, and when in desperation we decide that it would be better to do without it here is to appear hundreds of passers-by, in continuation and from all the parts.
The “perfect moment” lasts only one instant, the city is in constant motion and it is the artist who must be able to adapt to it and exploit every opportunity or misadventure.
If taken in the right way it will be precisely those misadventures that make the day fun and memorable.

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