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Rome certainly is not a 24-hour city, like other major international cities. In Italy it is difficult to find activities 24H open (24/24, 7/7) as it happens metropolis such in London or New York. Usually, the Romans always know some late Bar that can be opened at any time.

If you want to dine late at night you need to know in advance the open places and it is not recommended walingk at random. Italians,iIn central and southern Italy, hardly bring you to dine before 20:00 (8:00 pm) in the winter or in between 21:00 and 22:00 (9-10pm) in spring / summer time but you have’t be surprise if, in the middle of summer, the Romans sit at the table even later.

In this article we reported a few places in Rome where you can eat a meal or snack in the evening, also in the night.

In fact, there are pizzerias in Rome where you can go for a pizza at midnight in the middle of the week, or Hungarian sweet expressed, such as the famous croissants and cream bombs in some bakery or pastry shop that churns out all night. But lately they opened, as throughout Europe, many kebab houses even to outlying suburbs.

So do not worry all over the city there is a meal waiting for you even late at night.


Below is a brief list:

 Dar Sorchettaro Antonio Lambiase Laboratorio PasticceriaSorchettaro_Sorchetta_crioissant-cornetto_RomaZone / Area: Termini, Porta Pia

Metro: Termini, Repubblica

Address: Via Cernaia 47A 00185 Rome

Phone: 06 83608651

Opening Hours: Open daily from 21:00 to 07:00, except on Sundays.

{google_map} Via Cernaia 47A, 00185 Rome (Italy) {/google_map}Open late at night, is an institution deella Roman night, night owls are usually dine in this area in the basement near Termini to Porta Pia;

Dar Sorchettaro is in fact one of those pastry that almost all the Romans know.

It is a bakery located not far from Termini station and generally opens about 23:00 (11.00pm in the evening) and remains open throughout the night. Sorchetta_crioissant-cornetto_RomaNormally, if you arrive early in the morning you will find a line of people waiting to taste the famous sochetta” (here’s’ two-way), or of the Danes” baked with cream and melted chocolate, a sort of croissants are above sauces.

In addition to the traditional croissants you will find many things, from pizza slices of croissants and pastries baked treats.

The order is the most famous double Sorchetta sketch“(Soechetta doppio schizzo) a kind of croissant topped with fresh cream chantilly cream and chocolate.


La Dogana 67b 

Roma_Restaurant_la-dogana_late-nightZone / Area: Testaccio, Otiense

Metro: Pyramid | Bus number: 75, 3

Address: Via del River Port 67 / B, 00154 Rome

Phone: 06 574 0260


Opening hours: Open every day: Lunch from 12:30 to 15:00 Dinner from 19:30 to 24:00

{google_map}Via del Porto Fluviale 67/B, 00154 Roma (Italia) {/google_map}

Lunch and dinner at midnight. La Dogana is a great restaurant, a sort of Asian-inspired food hall located in an old warehouse right in the popular district of Ostiense at the gates of Testaccio. Around the area there are different areas of the so-called “Roman nightlife.” The restaurant is very large, over 1600 square meters, there is’ room for the buffet and also order a la carte.

Roma_Restaurant_la-dogana_late-night_menuYou can eat all the days between different buffet dishes Mongolian, Japanese, Chinese and Thai there is also a grill where you order fish and meat cooked on the grill.

Do not miss a section devoted to sushi, sashimi and sushi rolls made ​​by hand.

For those who love the steamed dumplings and classic oriental as Singapore noodles and rice nooodles will find many things to choose from. Certainly this is not a gourmet restaurant but there is also an outdoor area and you can go just for a drink.




Roma_Restaurant_lFrizzo_all-day-eatZona/Area: Prati , Cavour

Metro: Lepanto | Bus number: 87, 23

Address: Piazza Cavour, 19-21, 00193 Roma

Phone: 06 6832077 | Email:


Openings: aperto tutti i giorni dalle 12.00 alla 1.00

{google_map}Piazza Cavour 19, 00193 Roma (Italia) {/google_map}

The name Frizzo come from the italian verb fizz” Which means “to sparkle, to be fizzy.”
Frizzo is located a few steps from the Vatican and Castel Sant’Angelo. And it‘s one of the newer restaurant in Rome with the concept of eating all-day, non-existent until recently. It offers an international menu in American style. Good place for an aperitif, is open all day and you can order on an iPad!


Roma_Restaurant_lFrizzo_all-day-eat_Menu The menu features pizza and pasta but is inspired by American-style snack then stand as the club sandwich, carrot cake in a jar and New York baked cheesecake. For colazioneoffre eggs benedict which however are also served throughout the day.


Kebab House 


Roma_Restaurant_Kebab-House_all-day-night_eatZona/Area: Termini, San Giovanni

Metro: Termini

Address: Via dei Sabelli 38, 00185 Roma

Phone: 06 4457611

Openings: sempre aperto

{google_map}Via dei Sabelli 38, 00185 Roma (Italia) {/google_map}


Eating late at night: Kebab House is located in the heart of San Lorenzo a few steps from Piazza dell’ immaculata, the main square of the vibrant student area of Rome, near the Termini train station, this is not the usual kebab shop; All products are fresh and the meat is marinated and prepared with a traditional family recipe so it deserves the reputation for the best kebab of San Lorenzo.

Roma_Restaurant_Kebab-House_all-day-night_eat_MenuAlso are good their homemade falafel, but they also serve sauces, fries and desserts are all made ​​by hand according to traditional recipes! , Hot dog buns and traditional sweets of the Middle East. There is a wide selection of beers and soft drinks! The prices are reasonable and suitable to all:

Kebab 3,50€

Fries (italians ed arab) da 1€ a 1,50€

Arabic sweets from 1€ a 1,50€

Hot dog 2,50€

The menù:

Sandwich kebab+potatos+drink 33cl 5€

Kebab+beer peroni or moretti 5€

Big Potates +beer peroni or moretti 4€

La Base 


Roma_Restaurant_La-Base_night_eatZona/Area: Monti, Centro storico, Fori Imperiali

Metro: Cavour, Colosseo

Address: Via Cavour, 274/276, 00184 Roma

Phone: 06 474 0659


Openings: 12:00 – 3:00 pm, 7:00 – 11:00 pm

{google_map}Via Cavour, 274, 00184 Roma (Italia) {/google_map}


Eating Late at Night: The Base is a restaurant known as a place where you can dine up at 5 am, it is a restaurant but also a bar and pizzeria. It is located in close to the Colosseum in the Monti district in Via Cavour.

Roma_Restaurant_La-Base_cavour_night_eatLate at night in the area this place is crowded with revelers as the kitchen is open with full menu available until morning.

The menu offers a variety of pasta dishes, main dishes, pizzas, burgers and desserts. Do not miss a wide selection of wine and beer.


Il Maritozzaro


Roma_maritozzaro_late-nightZona/Area: Trastevere, Marconi

Metro TRAIN: Trastevere, BUS: 3, H, TRAM: 8

Address: Via Ettore Rolli 50, 00153 Roma

Phone: 06 581 0781


Openings: almost always

{google_map}Via Ettore Rolli 50, 00153 Roma (Italia) {/google_map}

A late night desserts: The Maritozzaro is a bakery is open all night, serving maritozzi the classic sweet roman. A currant is essentially a bun pastry that has been cut open and filled with pastry cream just so fresh whipped. In this bar you can order it with coffee
This place is crowded late at night is a regular destination for the Romans to return it from the evening clubs.

Trapizzino testaccio – 00100 Pizza


Roma_restaurant_street_finger-food_Trapizzino_TestaccioZona/Area: Testaccio

Metro: Piramide

Address: Via Giovanni Branca 88, 00153 Roma

Phone: 06 4341 9624


Openings: from Tuesday to Sunday 13:00 am – 00:00 pm – Closed on Mondays

{google_map}Via Giovanni Branca 88, 00153 Roma (Italia) {/google_map}


The Trapizzino is a sandwich created by the pizza chef Stefano Roman Calegari, this sandwich is a cross between a sandwich and a pizza. Located in Testaccio, ancje has another shop at the Milvio Bridge (Ponte Milvio). These delicious pizzas made ​​in the form of pockets are stuffed with all sorts of goodness. It also serves the croquettes, a ball of fried rice that is certainly the street-food favorite in Rome.


Roma_restaurant_street-food_finger_Trapizzino_TestaccioIn Rome you can have Trapizzino directly to your home !!

The service delivery is provided by:DeliveRex e LovEat. To order and know the areas covered by the service connected directly to their portals.



Trapizzino Ponte Milvio

Zona/Area: Ponte Milvio
Metro: Flaminio. BUS: 23
Address: Piazzale di Ponte Milvio, 13, 00191 Roma
Phone: 06 3322 1964
Openings: from Tuesday to Sunday 12:00 am – 00:00 pm – Closed on Mondays {google_map}Piazzale di Ponte Milvio 13, 00191 Roma (Italia) {/google_map}

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