Pizza Strett food, the best “Pizza al Taglio” in Rome

For a quality pizza on the palate, and especially also for digestion, what counts is the dough, the pizza first class are always looking for ways to further improve their product.

In Rome city there are thousands of street pizzerias that churn out walking, the so-called Pizza al taglio”;

In recent times, even in Rome is a focus on quality ingredients, biiologici or zero kilometers and more and more often we come across small shops that serve pizza with the words “levitation natural” or “highly digestible”. Unfortunately, among the thousands of pizzerias must be well realized not to eat the first that happens.” Many pizzerias have been transformed and are not operated by Italian and then also offer international products such as Kebap also called kabab, or Doner Kebab.

In the traditional Roman pizzerias normally only offered various types of pizza, croquettes and trousers and ever foreign products such as the Kebab. in fact so many people do not follow the true Roman tradition and even the Italian, but fortunately it is not so everywhere.

In this paper we describe therefore only the “real” pizza in the pan, then we will not describe those places, also quite famous, who are also offering rotisserie or other international products.

So this selection is made only for the pizza, we will publish a proper list of the best street-food pizzerias in Rome:


Pizzeria 4 Stagioni
Area: Marconi, Magliana
Address: via Giuseppe Bagnera 65, 00146 Roma
{google_map}via Giuseppe Bagnera 65, 00146 Roma{/google_map}

This small pizzeria cut in the Marconi area is also reported on the Gambero Rosso guide.
It offers little choice but to consider the exceptional pizza margherita (tomato and mozzareella), and often you will find a line of people waiting to come out of the oven which is clearly visible at the entrance.

Rome_street-food_Pizza_a_taglio_RomaTaste great, definitely worth trying, especially because it is a local pizza slices traditional, typical of the old Roman tradition a suitable place to remembrance the pizzerias once …
Obviously the pizza to cut food for a walk but it also offers a few seats but just outside, so if the weather is nice. Although the choice of flavors is very limited: usually there is the sea, the daisy and white, sometimes with mushrooms and sausage or zucchini, The dough is made according to an ancient recipe of the owners, father and son photo, which offer a high-quality homemade product.
Favourite daldirettore of n ostra magazine he judged to be the most delicious pizza in cutting eaten in Rome: Crisp and fragrant to the right place.
The prices are fair, and sometimes, if you take them at the right time, we offer black olives to accompany the meal

Angelo e Simonetta

Area: Nomentana
Address: Via Nomentana 581, 00141 Roma (Italia)
{google_map}Via Nomentana 581, 00141 Roma (Italia) {/google_map}

Legend has it that the co-owner Angelo Iezzi is one of the fathers of the Roman pizza in the pan. Perhaps this is more of an urban legend, but this place offers a great mix and a great pizza that borders on excellence.
Rome_street-food_Pizza_a_taglio_Roma_Angelo&Simonetta-NomentanaOn the quality of its pizza there is no doubt, spaces are limited but it is always a pleasure to enjoy a wide variety of unique pizzas to cutting. Above average quality: very light batter, sauces with quality ingredients with classic and creative combinations.
It is worth tasting this pizza, in many prefer to go by Angelo e Simonetta rather than cook or go to a restaurant.
Flavours of excellence, as stated by numerous certificates hanging on the walls.
Prices a little higher, since the toppings are very heavy


Pizza Luigi
Area: Ostiense/Garbatella
Address: Via Federico Nansen 6, 00154 Roma
Phone: (+39) 06 578 2882
{google_map}Via Federico Nansen 6, 00154 Roma (Italia) {/google_map}

It is a historical Pizzeria cut in Ostiense area, many Romans who live in the neighborhood consider the institution, as tradition offers its customers a choice of quality. The dough is matured for art and offers classic and tasty toppings.
Rome_street-food_Pizza_a_taglio_Roma_PIZZA-LUIGI_garbatella-ostienseThe Roman pizza to the blade looks crunchy. Luigi‘s Pizza is an institution in the neighborhoods Ostiense / Garbatella, we also come from neighboring districts and not by chance. Often you will find the row but the service is quick, the room is large enough to allow you to eat on the spot. We recommend the stuffed pizza bianca, which is an institution of this pizzeria, fragrantissima and digestible, seasonings of choice.
Fair prices for good pizza slices, with 9-10 euro per person you can eat well, a lot, and drink a beer.

JPGveganOKFarro Zero
Area: Africano
Address: Via Alfonso Rendano 31, 00199 Roma
Phone: (+39) 06 8639 8741
{google_map}Via Alfonso Rendano 31, 00199 Roma (Italia) {/google_map}

This Pizzeria cut in the African district, has the peculiarity of working exclusively with their own mixes flour with spelled, wheat, kamut and rye. All meals are organic and stone ground, top quality ingredients and fresh seasonal and creative combinations.
Rome_street-food_Pizza_a_taglio_Roma_Farro-Zero_africanoThe dough is leavened perfectly and condiments are also offered to suit vegans or lactose intolerant.
Friendly and polite. The prices are average with an excellent value for money.
It also offers home delivery directly from the site.

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