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i-mammiTeatro dei Conciatori … more guarantee of quality shows!

“I Mammi” in programming up to October 16, 2016 is a spectacle not to be missed.

    The protagonists, co-authors of funny comedy, confirm with their performance being an important reality in the Italian cabaret scene.
Engaging and never scontatati, with quality humor Max and Charles leave no room for moments of boredom.
The intelligent use of the dialect of Bari is certainly for “Mammi” one of the keys to success!

    Enrico Ragna

The MAMMI is a play written and performed by Max Boccasile and Carlo Maretti, and directed by Enrico Romita.

    The theater company, formed by Boccasile and Maretti, is famous and highly acclaimed on stages Puglia. When he arrives on the Roman stage wins every time the audience with performances of refined irony and fun and intelligent.

    The MAMMI

    Or: How to talk about the normality of a situation different from the normal without boring, even fun and amusing the audience.

    Carlo and Massimo are two boys struggling with a family ménage enriched by the presence of a newborn. Their story unfolds in flashbacks between fragments of memory and chance encounters of an afternoon spent at the gardens.

    A brilliant text and rich in nuances, where the skill of the performers highlighted the feelings of friendship and love, lived with depth but in light of the healthy living of a perfect relationship.

    He expressed the hope for the future of the small, belongs to any parent regardless of all the conventions and hypocrisies of today’s society.

    Such a fun story that could be played by a man and a woman, two women or two men, as in our case, without losing any of its charge outrageous normality.

Enrico Romita

Teatro dei Conciatori 
Via dei Conciatori, 5 – 00154 Rome

Tel. +39 06.45448982 +39 06.45470031

TYPE OF TICKETS: € 18.00 + membership card mandatory 2 €

SHOWS HOURS: Tuesday to Saturday at 21.00 Sunday at 18.00


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