BUSKER METROPOLITAN acrobatics acts with music: in Piazza del Popolo the tightrope walker Loreni


If the cosmopolitan squares become an open-air stage to invite street artists that give emotions and color with joy and music the public spaces of the city?

novella-morellini_buskerintown_rcThis is the idea of the shows proposed by BUSKER IN TOWN – 18, 19 and 20 September 2016 that brings acrobats, dancers, actors, contortionists and live music – realized with  Roma Capitale municipality support, between Piazza del Popolo and the Roman Forum Traiano encourages people with afternoon workshops for children.

A contamination of live performances that involve the public, for the first metropolitan busker festival and make participation by direct art and also in the street in a city like Rome. In a full program for this third edition of Busker in Town is the most important event for the closing event of 20 September with a new show for Roman preview by nogravity4monks.

TRK # 1″ is a show that is born from the crossing of a tightrope walker, the great international artist Andrea Loreni, transformed into a concert, that will take its steps.

The oscillations of the Andrea Loreni cord is collected, amplified and processed by Tiziano Scali that gives musicians on stage as the beating heart of a complex score which Stefano Cabrera on the cello, the viola Raffaele Rebaudengo, Federico Fantuz and Bernard Russo on guitars contribute between rigor and improvisation giving shape to a real concert. A simple idea never realized before.

Together with nogravity4monks, guests of the final evening , they will perform more than 40 artists including jugglers, acrobats, actors, dancers and musicians, includes:
Alessia Muntoni illuminate the streets with flaming acrobatics of his fire show

irene-betti_buskerintown_rcIrene Betti propose its elegant performance of contortion, while Andrea Corridoni will bring a touch of lightness and magic with the timeless charm of its bubbles.

andrea-corridoni-buskerintown_rccremebrule_buskerint_rcAnd yet the duo Creams & Brulè with their enthralling show of nouveau cirque around a coffee table, presenting the circus acts, Charlestone and acrobatic swing.lucignolo_buskerintown_rcjpgThe Company Amorua with their show of dance and acrobatics on stilts, juggling and fire eaters Lucignolo and his unbroken sequence of numbers that have as co-star the performer, and the flame in a harmonious and exciting one and then the circus Donatella Morabito, Godie, Sara changes are just some of the names that will liven up the Buskers in Town.

For music:
folk singer / Puglia Una,
the acoustic singer-songwriter Leo Folgori
the song the scene of Gianluca Secco where music and poetry are cleverly mixed with a powerful voice and a loop station.

For theater TeatrAltro company will bring a performance of the comedy.
To dance the SineSpatio Company will perform an improvisational performance.

A novelty for the third edition of In Town Buskers are definitely the workshops for children organized by Novella Morellini, Leonardo Varriale, Canarina and Irene Cross, a way to pursue the mission of Procult (event organizer) and has always been committed to spread the art, culture and beauty, a way to engage children who remain kidnapped by amazement art circus, living an unforgettable experience.

Through Town Buskers In the viewer will live magical and inspiring experience in one of the most beautiful and atmospheric areas of the world where Piazza del Popolo and the Roman Forum, accompanied on a sensory journey of shows and spells, able to involve every type of audience, from adults to children without distinction for three days full of sociality.

Laboratories – Piazza del Popolo 16.00 
Performance begins – Piazza del Popolo and the Roman Forum from 18.00
Entertainment by Andrea Loreni
2016,  September 20 at 21.00

Info and complete program at www.buskersintown.it.


Buskers In Town is an event conceived and organized by Peppe Casa with the production manager Claudio Coticoni and artistic coordination of Linda Fiocco and assistant Nadia Di Mastropietro.

Born in September 2014 once the BiennaleMArteLive, Buskers in Town arises immediately the goal of becoming a permanent laboratory for street art destined to repeat itself over the years.
With the experience gained with the TolfArte festival, Carpineto Romano Buskers Festival, Art In Road in Mirabello and thanks to ScuderieMArteLive artistic direction, with Buskers in Town ‘s “THE street art” becomes “street art IN” evolving thanks to the quality artistic and quantity of supply proposed show, which can range from fire performances, dance and acrobatics, juggling, contortion, acrobatics, theater and visual arts, always accompanied by the right music from the street, from cantautoriato to folk, from the popular to the street band , in addition to educational workshops for children, play time and free creativity designed to stimulate growth, instinct and personality.

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