Message of Our Madonna of Medjugorje October 2, 2018

“Dear children, I invite you to be courageous. Do not give up, because the smallest good and the smallest sign of love win over increasingly visible evil. My children, listen to me, so that the good can win, so that you may know the love of my Son, which is the greatest fortune, so that the hands of my Son may embrace you. He calls the soul, He who has given himself for you and always and again gives himself in the Eucharist, He who has the words of eternal life. To know His love, to follow His footsteps, means to have spiritual wealth. This is the wealth that gives good feelings and sees love and beauty everywhere. Apostles of my love, my children, be like the rays of the sun that bring the warmth of my Son’s love and warm everything around him. My children, the world needs the apostles of love, the world needs many prayers but those made with the heart and the soul and not only those pronounced with the lips. My children, aspire to holiness, but in humility, the one that allows my Son to do, through you, what He desires. My children, your prayers, your words, thoughts and deeds, open or close the door of the Celestial Kingdom. My Son, he showed you the way and gave you hope. I console you and encourage you because, my children, I have known pain but I have had faith and hope. Now I have the reward of life in the kingdom of my Son, so listen to me have courage, do not give up. Thank you”.
In this message, Our Lady invokes courage … the courage to love, the courage to live, the courage to have faith, the courage to walk towards the Holiness, without fear or fears, trusting only in her Son Jesus !

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