Metaforismo at Bramante’s Chiostro

metaformismo-giugno-2014-mostri-RomaIL METAFORMISMO from 19/06/2014 to 20/07/2014

In the prestigious exhibition spaces of the Cloister of Bramante for a month between June and July 2014, there will be a review of the Metaformismo, which features 60 works of contemporary Italian art, in the specialty of painting and plastic, with a catalog published by Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori.

ILMETAFORMISMO, registered trademark in 2010, is a code reader that aims to interpret the messages through contemporary abstract art artistic forms of expression that characterize it: so far it has always confused with the concept of shape to shape, says Julia Sillato. The fact that there are no figures in abstract art is not to say that there are not just these forms and will, once identified and recognized, to lead the viewer into the jungle of signs and colors that has always made incomprehensible. Since 2010, the year after a long period of verification is finally formulated the theory of Metaformismo, the new title will be joining the consolidation cycle tour “Contemporary Art in old houses.”

Mostra_exhibitions_metaformismo-giugno-luglio-2014-Roma-chiostro-del-bramante-3 Mostra_exhibitions_metaformismo-giugno-luglio-2014-Roma-chiostro-del-bramante- Mostra_exhibitions_metaformismo-giugno-luglio-2014-Roma-chiostro-del-bramante-2

ARTISTS – from every region of Italy, have already achieved long recognized levels of true artistic professionalism. Below is the list of participants in alphabetical order: Gennaro Barci, Stone Barrasso, Emilio Belotti, Natalia Berson, Martin Brivio, Cicuto Fabio, Adriana Collovati, Rosetta D’Alessandro, Daniel Bruno, Enzo Devastated, Emanuela Franchin, Massimo Smoldering, Dino Maccini, Saverio Great, Pier Domenico Magri, Claudio Massimi, Carmine Mastronicola, Flame Morelli, Clare Müller, Safe Nicotra, Rita Paola, Osvalda Pucci, Carla Striped, Maurizio Rinaudo, Rose Thorn, Fedora Spinelli, Alessandro Trani, Marco Tulips.

The creator and curator – Giulia Sillato, art historian of the school Longhi, after thirty years of teaching art history in art academies and institutes of Verona, now part of the Scientific Committee of the Catalog of Modern Art ‘ Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori and Chairman of Artis recensio Association for the Dissemination and Support of National Artistic Heritage. To his credit, twenty years of exclusive events celebrated in Italy’s most important museum sites with related publications cataloging.

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