Milan Rome the fashion way for the made in Italy.

Lines strategy Mia d' Arco 1Chasing Nunzia Garoffolo and its crumbs original design I came up in Milan at Palazzo Visconti. There was the Fashion Week in Milan, but the echoes of such suggestive enterprises ‘well that are also reported to Rome.

Palazzo Viscont -  Via Lanzone 2, Milano

Palazzo Viscont – Via Lanzone 2, Milano

Nunzia Garoffolo together 5VIE ART + DESIGN in one of the apartments redesigned by architect Caccia Dominioni has worked to give life to the ‘event‘ Lines strategy: group of creative families in an interior “, Sponsored by Camera Buyer made in Italy has found expression in work:Matteo Thiela, Giulia Marani, Move Cappelli, Olga Pong, Anna Porcu, Bea Bongiasca, SH-Jewels by Stephan Hamel, Mia D’ Arco, Susana Traça, Svetlana Schmidt and Arnoldo Battois.

An experiential exhibition path, emphasized by the flair of set-designer Giovanni Ottonello – along with the kind collaboration of the Milan Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) – and the furniture created by Caccia Dominioni, made of presences and absences, lightness and incisiveness, present and past where the suggestions inspired by Visconti, film memories coming from the celebrated film “Conversation piece” dialogued with the contemporary creativity. The event started with a press preview but we really felt included by the parties celebrated with the party “Beyond the lines, 5 Vie” which was held on Saturday 28th February 2015 from 7 to 10 pm which featured the DJ set by renowned TV, radio persona and social activist Andrea Pellizzari. Creatives, talent-scouts, journalists, bloggers, professors from renowned fashion schools, buyers and politicians were at the happening as: Simonetta Gianfelici, fashion consultant and manager of talent-scouting award WION, Deanna Ferretti Veroni, the managing director of pr office Attila Andreina Longhi, the managing director of Studio Re pr office Monica Re, the head of communication of brand Carmina Campus Elisabetta Facco, the famous journalist of Marie Claire and author Antonio Mancinelli, the Belgian journalist Philippe Pourhashemi of Zoo Magazine, The Word in Brussels, the journalist Elisa Pervinca Bellini of Talents platform, Michela Zio of Milano Affari e Finanza, journalist and blogger of The Savage Blender Edoardo Maria Savoia, blogger Alessia Lepore of Electromode, journalist Federica Frosini of online magazine Amusingold, fashion designer Angelo Cruciani, milliner Pasquale Bonfiglio, Myriam Catania and the sister Giulia of brand Mia D’ Arco, Anna Porcu, Matteo Thiela, Massimiliano Battois of brand Arnoldo Battois, Bea Bongiasca, Svetlana Schmidt, Giulia Marani, the artist Nicola Felice Torcoli, Stephan Hamel, Susana Traça, the art-dealer Dario Bonetta of the Brescia A+B contemporary art gallery, professor at the Milan Ied Jacopo Manga, professor at Novadomus Barbara Trebisch, renowned buyer, as weill as ex vice-president of National Chamber of Buyer Roberta Valentini, Bruna Casella, a delegation of Chinese buyers cinesi, l’ assessor for the labour, development, research fashion and culture policies Cristina Tajani and many others. An interlude under the concepts and ideas on the move that pay homage to the made in Italy and its most vibrant signs talking about excellence, contemporary times and uniqueness. In the impossibility ‘of words to recreate the atmosphere blinding that only the truly “beautiful” can give I include some photos of which Nunzia made me a gift. Beautiful people beautiful things beautiful projects would be a real shame for us of Romecentral to miss them!

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