The unique shades of the English Romanticism are the protagonists of the exhibition “Turner, works from Tate”, by David Blayney Brown, at the Chiostro del Bramante until 2018 August, 26.
A 92 works collection for the first time together in Italy, masterpieces coming from the Tate Britain of London. The exhibition consists of six thematic sections and rebuilds the importance of watercolors in J.M.W. Turner (1775-1851) artistical expression, revealing his intimate and private dimension. Some paintings are memories of his thousands of journeys. He established a close relationship with Italy, where he came several times spending time at Venice, Rome, and Naples.

“Our aim is to look over Turner shoulder inside a working process. The private Turner, the most innovative”
David Blayney Brown, curator

The exhibition shows the private production of the artist, what Ruskin called “his own pleasure”, where Turner most dared and experimented technique, style, and subjects. Here there is the evolution of the great maestro of the watercolour: drawings, studies, watercolour and oils, that anticipated impressionism and influenced more than a generation of painters like Claude Monet, Caspar David Friedrich, Vincent Van Gogh, Edgar Degas, Paul Klee, Franz Marc, Wassily Kandinsky, Gustav Klimt, Mark Rothko, James Turrell e Olafur Eliasson.

His painting technique is free and unconventional, it produces deep light and atmospherical effects. Nature is the protagonist of his drawings, expression of the so-called sublime romantic poetic, as well as in his contemporary English Literature by Coleridge, Keats, and Shelley. The painter of the light hides among shades an unrestrainable power, almost mysterious. The images are emotionally intense, where nature is brewing and reality and imagination merge.

Here comes the idea of a space that invites visitors to live a sensorial experience. In one of the Museum rooms, it is possible to dive 360° into sounds and visions that reproduce Turner’s artistical experience.

Exhibition produced and organized by DART Chiostro del Bramante
In association with Tate

Chiostro del Bramante – Via della Pace, Roma
Open every day:
mon – fry 10.00 > 20.00
sut – sun 10.00 > 21.00

OPEN DAY GUIDE | Monday 26 March 2018
OPEN DAY TEACHERS | Wednesday 28 March 2018

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